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Here’s An Ice Cream That Won’t Dent Your Diet

A healthy ice cream, anyone?

Yes, Lush Crush is a healthy alternative to your regular sugar-filled ice cream. Trust me. I’ve tried it and I vouch for the naturalness of their ice pops and creamy pops. Imagine having your breakfast parfait on an ice-cold stick? Their Fit Pop – made with Greek yogurt, granola, dates, banana, and a drizzle of honey – is just that.

Has that piqued your interest? Join us as we give you a run-through (more like a step-through) of Lush Crush.

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As soon as you enter the cosy little space situated in Bukhari Commercial (in Karachi) you’ll instantly appreciate the Scandinavian décor with its exposed light bulbs and white walls covered with frames. Once you take in the ambiance, you’ll notice that you’ve reached the far end (which isn’t far at all) of the ice cream boutique, because, naturally, you were walking – and bumping into people – while you took in the three light bulbs.

Yes, all it takes for this little shop to end is a 360 degree look.

It is a petite little boutique packed with people, but most importantly, with little wonders (ice pops) that have us, and the crowd that was there, floored. From Yogi Berry, Sprinkle Bell Vanilla, and Nutella Fudge, to Salted Caramel, the handcrafted pops pack a punch in every bite.

No matter which diet you are on, Lush Crush’s pops – which BTW come with a calorie count – will satiate your sweet tooth in only 120-180 rupees.

Things we love about Lush Crush?

  • The all natural flavour minus the additives.
  • The creamy texture which doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth.
  • Affordable prices.

Things we DON’T like?

  • Well, nothing. Maybe, the size? The pops could be a bit bigger.

Our recommendation?

  • Salted caramel and Strawberry Satin is the real deal and it is a mere 230 calories!

Without the artificial additives and made with all fruits, the ice pops and cream pops at Lush Crush are as healthy an ice cream can ever get. Bless the soul who came up with the idea!

Here’s a sneak peek: