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Here’s How Celebs Wished Their Mother’s On Instagram

From Mahira Khan to Mawra Hocane, we've got the deets on all!

What will make my mother happy? What can I buy her that she covets for the rest of her life? Should it be an experience or a gift? These were a few questions buzzing around in our brain for the past week and finally, the big day arrived and we found ourselves sprawled on our mother’s bed asking her what do you REALLY REALLY want? So much for planning ahead. After a dismal performance on that front, the only thing to do was head to our social media feeds and snoop on how others were faring.

Celebrities were on top of our snoop list. Here is how these seven celebrities celebrated Mother’s Day.

What Mahira Khan did to her mother was what we all dread might happen to us. She took a screenshot of her conversation with her mother and shared it with her followers! Relax, it was pretty safe (sadly) and gave us a sneak peek into her relationship with her mother. First of all, she call her mother Amma, which is really sweet. Secondly, her mother comes loaded with really good advice.

Sanam Saeed shared her mother’s pictures from her youthful hip days to graceful old ones. We are in awe of her striking features and fashion forwardness.

Ma 1954 – 2017

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Mawra Hocane shared a picture with her mother and said what all of us wish to say to our mums. But just can’t. “The world is, because you are. I am because you are. My safe place,” she wrote.

Our mothers, indeed, are our safe place. Don’t you simultaneously feel more strong and protected as soon as you lay your head in your mother’s lap?


Urwa Hocane posted a throwback to her mother’s post graduations.

“Throwback to when my beautiful mother received her master’s degree. She is truly a beauty with brains and my strength & inspiration every single day. I love you Maa & I wish I can only b half as amazing as you are . Love you too much,” she said with the image.

Television actress, Yumna Zaidi, shared a current picture with her mother and thanked her for tolerating her insanity.

“I always came to you with problems, thanks for always being there for me as the best problem solver, thanks for giving me faith, for teaching me good stuff, telling me about good and bad,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thanks for being there for me when I was in my toughest times. Thanks for always believing in me, you are my best support system, without you I am. Love you from my soul

Syra Shahroz, a mommy herself, spent the evening with her mother, blueberry cheese cake, and some candles.

“Happy Mother’s Day mummy. If only I can be half the mom you have been to us. I love you,” stated her Instagram caption and it made us go aww!

Happy Mother's Day mummy. If only I can be half the mom you have been to us. I love you ❤️

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Want to see the younger version of Momina Mustehsan and her gorgeous mother? Read ahead!

Pop sensation, Momina, shared a throwback picture of her mother and herself, and captioned it, “Happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful woman.”

Happy Mother's Day to this beautiful woman ❤️😘

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