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Here’s How Pakistani Celeb’s Responded To The F-word

What comes to your mind when we say Feminism?

By Rozina Bhutto

We asked some of our favourite celebrities a simple question at the recently held Lux Style Awards and mayhem ensued. Some ignored it, some stared at us in disbelief for asking ‘such a question’ on the red carpet before finally caving in, while others showed us that they really are conscious of the discrimination faced by women on a daily basis world over, and are ready to advocate the need for equality. The sad truth is that the F word instigates fear, confusion, and often repulsion amongst people when it really just is all about acceptance.

What are we on about? Feminism – the F word which (as Sheheryar Munawar puts it) is highly misunderstood. We asked celebrities, “What comes to your mind when we say the word feminism?” And here’s what they had to say.

This is not it. Since we spent the entire night pestering people with this question, we were left with quite a few celeb responses which didn’t make it to the video above.


Let’s start with the best answer of the night! To all those who’re still confused about the word, please listen to renowned fashion designer, Shamaeel Ansari’s, answer and internalize it.

Momal Sheikh kept her response short, simple, and more importantly, appropriate.

Mikaal Zulfiqar took his sweet time to get into the groove but in the end he concluded that people have misinterpreted it made it sound like a female equivalent of male chauvinism.

Zhalay Sarhadi hits the nail on the head with her slogan: Empower Women.

Mansha Pasha, like her Chalay Thay Saath co-star (Zhalay) highlighted one of the integral elements of feminism.

Armeena Khan explains who actually is a feminist.

But our favourite explanation so far, a bit of which made it to the original video, was by funny woman Faiza Saleem. She pretty much sums it up perfectly.


As Faiza Saleem aptly explained, “People often think Feminism is all about mardon ko thudday maarna but it’s not! It’s a lifestyle.” Yes guys, believe us. Feminism doesn’t mean growing your armpit hair, scowling at men, and being angry all the time. All we ask for is equal oppurtunity to live the way we want and not have people looking us in the eye and saying, “But you do understand that you are a ‘girl’ and this thing is not your cup of tea.”

Please, let us decide what is and what’s not our cup of tea. Don’t make decisions on our behalf. We might also not be comfortable indulging in something so give us the liberty to say no. So when Mansha Pasha says feminism for her is liberty, we nod along.