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Here’s How These Celebrity Couples Met

And lived happily ever after

By Hafsa Saeed

Have you ever wondered how Sarwat Gilani met Fahad Mirza? Let us tell you, it took them multiple meetings, a marriage (to someone else), and a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai style reunion to finally realise that they were made for each other. Some take years to understand their heart’s bearings while others – take Shahroz Sabzwari for example – instantly decide that it’s time to run off to the Nikkah khuwan.

Thankfully, Syra was smart enough to tell him, “There’s no need to run away. It’s not like our parents will say no!”

And they didn’t.

But how did Syra and Shahroz actually meet? You know the pehli mulaqaat? How did that happen?

We get in touch with some of our favourite celebrity couples to find out about that special (or not so special) first meeting!

Hira and Mani

Not all good things start on an angelic note. According to television actress Hira, sometimes you need to steal your friend’s boyfriend, because life is too short to pass an opportunity like that!

“I was staying over at a friend’s place and noticed she was up all night talking to someone. When I asked her who she was speaking with, she told me it was her boyfriend, Mani!”

She continued, putting in a triumphant laughter towards the end, “I was a huge fan of his. So once was asleep, I stole Mani’s number from her phone. Then I started speaking to him, made him fall in love with me, and now we are married!”

And in case you are wondering, Hira confirmed she’s definitely not friends with that girl anymore.

Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza

Sarwat and Fahad are couple goals with their dynamic careers and vibrant public appearances. How they met is adorable because it is as simple as it gets.

“We sat together by chance during a theatre play and got talking, found similar interests, and enjoyed each other’s company,” narrates Sarwat. “Fahad chatted me up by asking who I thought was the cutest girl in the hall and I, like a silly girl, started looking one for him, I was quite serious in my search until he told me he thought it was me! I thought that was a cute way to flatter someone.”

We think so too, Sarwat.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Bhatt

This young and beautiful couple, which gives us high school sweet hearts vibes, apparently have a very “simple” story according to Aiman Khan.

“We met on the set of a drama serial three years ago. We became friends, then best friends, and then we started to like each other. Thankfully, our families agreed to our engagement and here we are!”

Syra Shahroz and Shahroz Sabzwari

In an earlier interview, Syra shared how she met Shahroz during a mutual friend’s wedding preps.

“We continued to meet because of all the shaadi hungama. Bas then we became friends and started hanging out. Eight years went by when one day Shahroz said, ‘let’s get married’, and I said okay!”

But there could’ve been slight twist in the tale if Syra had shared Shahroz’s obsession for elopement.

“Shahroz always used to say let’s go to a masjid and get married and I used to be like, ‘your parents like me and my parents like you too, so why should we run away? Why not have a proper wedding’, masjid mein kyun jaayen bhai?” shared Syra with a laugh.

Ladies, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani wasn’t all a lie, weddings do tend to be the perfect breeding ground for future weddings!