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Here’s What Makeup Guru Nabila Carries In Her Bag

The five things she can't live without

By Amna Nadeem

If you live in Pakistan and are a fashion savvy person, then you must have, at some point, revered Nabila Maqsood. She’s the owner of Pakistan’s most renowned salon chain, she hangs out with lindsay Lohan, and has introduced a makeup palette called ‘No Makeup’. Only Nabila could’ve come up with that name!

Her magical fingers (style sense) have turned film actresses like Reema and Babra Sharif into evergreen superstars, and she had to take her name out of the Lux Style Awards in order for other artists to have a chance at bagging the Best Makeup Artist award. Now you understand why we’d love to know what this successful woman likes to carry in her bag?

Nabila, who feels EVERYONE – be it a male or female – should get laser done, carries these five things in her bag at all times:

Her Phone

What were you expecting, a handheld Lumea IPL hair removal device? She’s a practical person, as she says so herself, hence, like every practical person her phone is her lifeline.

Her Credit Cards

A high-maintenance woman, like her, cannot be expected to live without her moolah. These tiny rectangular cards are a life-saver, only if you’re not into binge shopping.

Her Atomizer

She has formulated her own perfume and carries it with her at all times. You can call it ‘testing a product’ or mild self obsession, it’s up to you!

Her Hand Cream

She has a specific kind, called the Moroccan Tea Hand cream.

Zero Makeup Palette

But, of course! Nabila uses her trusty product to get ready in the elevator in just 40 seconds!