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Here’s Why You Should Be Using Kalonji Oil

This oil is magic

By Sherazade Khan

The aunties at the parlour will tell you (if your own nani hasn’t) that kalonji ka tel is magic in a bottle. It is good for your hair, face, body and your general well-being. Though slightly expensive, this dark oil is a great investment. Here’s why you should pick up a bottle or better yet, get some directly from an oil press.

You most likely know the black herb, known in English as Nigella seed or onion seed, from aaloo ki bhujia, but the truth is there’s much more to it! Here are some tried and tested benefits that you must see for yourself to believe!

It keeps you healthy

There are so many diseases and ailments that this herb can keep at bay; some of the common ones are diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, headaches, respiratory issues and constipation. Kalonji or black seed oil has a number of minerals and nutrients, and are a particularly rich source of calcium, iron, sodium and potassium. One finds 15 amino acids within that help build protein while arginine and carotene are essential for growth in infants and help form vitamin A in the body.

How to use it? To reap these benefits, and see effects on your skin, take 1 teaspoon of the oil orally, with some honey, first thing in the morning.

It keeps your oral hygiene in check

You must have heard of ‘pulling’, or swiveling a little bit of oil in your mouth for a few minutes, to combat diseases of the mouth and promote oral hygiene? Using kalonji ka tel to do so helps prevent gum disease and other ailments of the teeth.

How to use it? Take one tablespoon of black seed oil and swivel it in your mouth for 20 minutes then spit it out and brush your teeth. Do this twice a day for a month to see the result.


It gives you glowing skin

The miracle oil is also abundant in monosaccharides and essential and unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for keeping skin hydrated and plump.

How to use it? Taking the oil orally for four weeks will leave you with glowing skin and will also help against acne and other blemishes.

It is great for massages

Are you a fan of having the maalish wali over to give you a nice rejuvenating massage to wash away your weekly woes?

How to use it? Gently massage your face with a mixture of 1 tsp olive oil and ½ tsp kalonji oil while she massages the rest of your body with just the Nigella seed oil. Leave it for an hour before washing and for best results continue daily for a week.

It prevents balding

It’s not just an old wives’ tale, but this wonder oil does in fact work to prevent, stop and sometimes even reverse baldness.

How to use it? Rub kalonji ka tel into your scalp twice daily for a month.

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It even curbs dandruff

Do you find yourself scratching your scalps as soon as you take a shower? Well then dandruff or flaky scalp needs your immediate attention.

How to use it? Heat 1 tablespoon kalonji oil with 3 tablespoons olive oil and 3 level tablespoons henna (mehndi) until it makes a nice paste. Apply to scalp, leave in for half an hour and then wash it out. Say goodbye to those pesky white flakes!

It stops hair fall

If it’s excessive hair fall that’s got you in a fix then we’ve got just the thing for you!

How to use it? Apply lemon juice to your hair for 15 minutes, wash, dry and then rub in the Nigella seed oil as you would a leave-in conditioner. If you must, wash the next day. Repeat on a weekly basis to see results.


It helps fight migraines

You’ll find that it works wonders for pain relief, and even helps fight migraines.

How to use it? Massage some kalonji oil on your head or wherever your body hurts.


So much goodness packed in one tiny little black seed! Don’t believe us? Try it out!