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Bye-bye smoothies, Hello tonics  

By Amara Javed

All things natural is the way to go these days.  Now, that doesn’t mean you start downing everything green. The wellness journey for the Post Millenials begins even before they make it to the cradle; case in point are Mum-to-bes, who are seen paddling to yoga classes. So, it isn’t surprising that we are constantly looking for superfoods and miracle minerals to turn us into the best, most healthy versions of ourselves. Kale, green smoothies and carb cycling are things of the past and turmeric, tonics, and coconut oil are trending like nobody’s business. Here’s why:


In Pakistan, we are no strangers to the healing powers of haldi. Not only is it a staple spice in many dishes, our mothers are quick to whip it out to cure a sprain, a wound or a headache. The world has also realised the power of this magical spice.Turmeric is clinically proven to fight inflammation and promote digestion. It is also a strong antioxidant that protects our body from free radicals and the biggest plus point is that it helps clear skin.  The spice is already going mainstream with eateries offering turmeric lattes, yogurt, and healing bowls.

Wellness tonics now replace smoothies

Smoothies and green juices are so passé. Wellness tonics, the new supercharged version of cold-pressed juices, are potent drinks chock-full of minerals and vitamins.

Derived from the techniques of ancient healers, who would take to the forest to extract the purest liquids, wellness tonics aid with everything from the common cold to beauty related issues.

Coconut everything

Coconut oil is already a core of the wellness world and has been revered for years for its various uses and benefits. For 2017, you can expect coconut to take over every aspect of your life. We repeat, every!

Coconut cream, coconut milk and coconut sugar are on their way to replacing their more popular counterparts. Apparently, there is nothing a coconut can’t do.