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Did You Ever Think The ‘Charpayee’ Could Look THIS Cool?

It is the trendiest piece ever

By Rozina Bhutto

Hello! This piece of furniture needs as much attention as the console in your foyer. Believe us when we say, you may have underestimated the power of the charpoy! We recently stumbled upon it while drooling over Indian actor, Irrfan Khan’s house. It was lying there, right in the middle of his eclectic living room, and we realised how charpoy is a non-living equivalent of Cinderella; it is beautiful but never gets its due attention.

A view of Irrfan Khan’s living room. Source: Architectural Digest India

That is about to change, because we are going to blow you away with ideas on how you can spruce up your living space with a single charpoy!

Remember when we said it deserves as much attention as your console in the entrance area. We weren’t joking! Because hava a look at how perfect this little charpoy stool looks in this tiny space. The trick is to keep it simple with a plant here and a vase there.

Ah, who knew you could rock on a charpoy? Here we present you, your  first ever rocking charpoy!

Have you noticed that a charpoy looks best with earthen interiors? We are talking bare floors (be it wooden or concrete) and right bit of warm elements – such as cushions, throws and even a piece of fur – to balance out the rawness of a charpoy.

Lo and behold! You can even use it as a bed by placing a mattress, but it might mar the beauty of the real thing. That’s something to think about.

Go ahead and put a small rectangular charpoy – woven in funky colors (yes, that can be done) – at the foot of your bed to hold you extra sheet, book, or your bestie!

Put it outside in your verandah or patio and sprinkle a few brightly colored cushions to create a comfy nook outdoor. Don’t forget to add a looming plant (mini tree) with fairy lights to make it a dreamy corner.

A jute rug, jewel toned comfy cushion, and a leafy green create a perfect setting for a charpoy.

Parting words: The beauty of a charpoy lies in its raw, earthy feel, so please don’t paint the legs colorful or experiment with the rope (or sutli). You can use funky colored rope for a boho feel, but white and brown looks the best!