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Ushna Shah Loves Freedom Hates Pretence

She shares her top five tips

For the longest time we thought of Ushna Shah as a shy, beautiful, little girl. That was until we came across her real self, which resembles anything but a damsel in distress. Shah is outspoken – a quality majority of Pakistan’s population equates with crudity – and doesn’t scare away from naming and shaming anyone who dares to harasses her. Remember how Ushna shared the video of a man following her in his car? Yes, that’s the kind of woman she is.

Today we won’t discuss her stance on sexuality and feminism – we’ve done that in detail in our print edition – but will reveal the secret to her glowing skin and what she has to say to the women in Pakistan!

WO: Five healthy things/habits you cannot start/end your day without?


  1. Have a big breakfast
  2. Fit a workout in no matter how small
  3. Get some greens in my diet somehow
  4. Green tea after a huge meal
  5. A plate (or two) of Biryani never hurt anybody

WO: How do you stay fit and healthy?

Ushna: In the wise words of LMFAO: “I work out!”

Choppy waters, watermelon juice, Rainbow nails and corn-rows. Happy Sunday! 🍻

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Describe your workout routine for us and your favourite form of exercise?

Ushna: When I’m not working I force myself to the gym, warm up a little and train. I prefer weight training over cardio but to each his own.

WO: Ushna Shah hates?

Ushna: Pretence and hypocrisy.

WO: You love?

Ushna: Freedom, acceptance, animals (especially dog).

WO: The most used piece of clothing in your wardrobe is?

Ushna: Thai cotton pants, not glamorous but so very comfortable!

WO: The song which you’re listening to on repeat these days?

Ushna: Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko ft. Childish Gambino

WO: The best ever Pakistani drama in your opinion is?

Ushna: Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

Stole kisses from the sun 💋🌞 #ushnashah #lagunabeach #californialove #sunkissed

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WO: What’s your message for women in Pakistan?

Ushna: It’s difficult enough for us out there; we need to cut out the jealousy, back-biting, competition and hate within us and begin taking stands for each-other, protecting each other and uniting to secure a safer and just future for our coming generations. And for God’s sake we need to take our health seriously!

WO: What does the future hold of Ushna Shah?

Ushna: I hope it holds some form of enlightenment and peace, and not an imminent death. I hope I can do my part and give my life some meaning, perhaps make the world a better place in a small way, perhaps bring some happiness to someone before I go.

What’s your skincare routine like – day and night? As in what’re the steps that you take daily, without failing.

Ushna: I make sure I never sleep with make up on. I moisturise like a crazy person with medical grade moisturising gels or oils, sometimes even both.

Do you miss your long hair?       

Ushna: I’m enjoying being able to shampoo without my arms tiring, but yes I miss it.