How Not To Look Like “Her”

Time to ditch the “curls wala blowdry”

How not to look like her
Photography by: Aayaz Anis

Tanya Muzaffar

You know who we’re talking about… Her. With her chestnut highlights, piles of backcombing, polished, puffy crown, and ringlet-like curls bouncing around the shoulders. That’s ‘her’ and everyone wants to look like ‘her’. We at the beauty desk are looking to break away from that cookie cutter style and adopt something new. So let’s bring on the hair buzzword for this summer: texture.

Texture is something anyone can achieve with just a little imagination and a stylist that they can trust with their life. Begin each haircut with a conversation. Speak to your stylist about what your average day is like and how much time you can invest in your hair. Based on this, your stylist should cut your hair accordingly, so that you can put in as much, or as little, time needed.

Here are our picks for textured hair this summer:

The 20’s Bob

Calling all short-haired dolls! Ask your stylist for edgy layers of texture that falls around your cheeks and chin. Style this with a little pomade through your fingers for a devil-may-care tousled look.

Statement Bangs

Bangs are coming back with a… well… bang! This time we are loving blunt cut fringes that hit close to the brows. Curly haired lovelies, we’re looking at you! Textured bangs are what it’s all about! Skip the hot tools, embrace your texture and rock the edgy look.

The Lob

Okay, the lob has been around for a few years, but now, we’re giving it some… you guessed it! Texture! Now lobs typically look good when they are sleek and polished, however, we suggest you play around a little by either scrunching the ends or twirling the ends through with a hot tool.

Long Layers

If you are attached to your length, fear not for we have texture for you too! Update your length by adding some texture boosting layers. You should look to frame layers all around the front to help create some movement. What is brilliant is that this cut allows for so much styling versatility! Blow it out, pin it up or opt for the lived-in/slept-in vibe.