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How The Lux Style Awards Never Abandoned Pakistani Cinema

Even when no one had hope, LSA rooted for Lollywood


By Fareshte Aslam


When you think of Lux the brand, everyone knows that film is very much a part of it and that was the ethos right from the beginning.

When we started out in 2002, the decline of Pakistani cinema had already begun but we still had a lot to celebrate, i.e. the film stars of yesteryears like Nadeem and Babra Sharif. Shaan and Reema were still huge and we celebrated the film world as it was, with tributes and dance sequences. This continued right up to 2007 when we went to Malaysia and performed some wonderful sequences with Ali Zafar and Reema and gave a lot of lifetime tributes to all of Lollywood.


At the same time we also didn’t have anything current to nominate. I think there was one year where there was absolutely nothing to nominate in the film category, but every other difficult year we always found at least one film to celebrate no matter what. We would just announce it as the ‘film of the year’ and give that one award out. Keeping that award was a very, very conscious decision.


It was a decision we made just so that we kept the hope of cinema alive in peoples consciousness. And now it has paid off.

Things started changing a few years after that. The film industry started to revive itself beautifully and now you see five nominations every single year and people fighting for those spots. At one point the film jury never used to meet they used to just send in their email to say whichever film they supported. But for the last two years we’ve had a proper film jury that sits down and debates, and it’s an extremely proud moment.