How to Combat Print Fatigue

It’s time to be solid


Hala Syed

The beginning of summer signals the influx of lawn, busy prints and bright colours. From lawn heavyweights like Sana Safinaz and Élan, to niche designers like Nilofer Shahid and mainstream producers like Gul Ahmed, Khaadi and Sapphire, brands have a “more is more” philosophy. Prints are getting more intricate, more detailed and more layered.

One thing that is surely lacking is originality. Prints are predictable and overdone. Currently, birdcages, swans (and other birds), water color florals, and buildings or some combination of the above are all the rage.

Sometimes this results in a perfectly coordinated symphony of colours and patterns, but mostly it turns into cacophony of clashing elements. So while many are still enthralled by lawn fever the rest of us are starting to suffer from print fatigue.

The perfect antidote?Turn to black and white. You don’t need to entirely eliminate print and colour from your spring style.Just incorporate classic monochromes during lawn season and that should seem fresher than the brightest flower print.

Benefit One: Exude a Sense Class

It can be disheartening to spend more than Rs.6,000 on that “in-demand” designer lawn suit, only to find a little later that cheaper copies of the same print are available everywhere. Why pay so much, to look like everyone else, when you can stand out by wearing simple solids?


Benefit Two: Experiment with Silhouettes and Proportions

Minimal doesn’t have to be boring or expected. A busy print makes its own statement and usually, only works with the most streamlined silhouettes. With monochromes even the most exaggerated volumes can look understated.


Benefit Three:Draw Attention to Details and Textures

Prints aren’t the only way to add interest and patterns in clothing. Textures, cutouts, and same colour embroidery are highlighted on an otherwise blank canvas.


Benefit Four: Mix and Match without Fear

You can never go wrong with white on white or white on black. Having a number of monochrome separates, allows you to put together an outfit like a pro in no time. Get great layers without the worry of clashing!