How to get Instafabulous

6 ways to up your instagram game now!

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Mishayl Naek

Simpler, sexier and more secretive that it was ever before, Instagram is pushing out other social media apps to become our No. 1 voyeur crack of choice. Your Instagram account can be a great tool for brand awareness, personal publicity or just sharing your life with loved ones.  The thrill of seeing another like, follower or comment is addictive, but regular fixes don’t come easy. Making your account into a must-see takes effort, time and a little bit of OCD, so read our tips of making your feed the one to follow:

1. Ditch the app camera

Switch to your phone camera as it has features the app doesn’t, such as zoom and crop.  This allows you a superior picture to work with. So snap with your phone and upload the pic on to Instagram for the best results.

2. Invest in photo editing apps

If you think Willow is a great filter, wait till you check out the big guns available. Getting your pictures like-worthy means extra effort with some serious photo editing, including layering filters and playing with focus.  Snap Seed, VSCO CAM and Adobe Photoshop Express are three of the more popular apps available. They allow you to take an ordinary snap and make it share worthy.

3. Tell a story

Make the pictures personal and authentic and stay true to why you started your Instagram account. Don’t forget you’re sharing a story with your followers, so make sure it provides a full narrative. The odd selfie thrown in is great, but even the Kardashians make sure to include what they’re doing, seeing and buying. Choose the best layouts to highlight your picture, from flat lays for products, stunning landscapes for travel or the perfect selfie for beauty.

4. Mix it up

Think of your pictures as one large gallery, which means the photographs have to have a common thread but not get repetitive. Switch up your daily pictures with some inspirational quotes, landscapes, art, silly picture etc. to keep your feed looking fresh and feeling current.

5. #Hashtag #Responsibly

Its easy to fall victim to hashtag overkill, but use these little gems responsibly and make them relevant to your picture. There should never be more # than words, and they should describe your picture and tools. Overuse is not just annoying, it makes you a spammer. Your #life #love #special is not adding value to the hashtag movement.

5. Stay Active

Last but not least, it may seem obvious but keeping your account active in your followers feed is really important. Make sure you’re posting enough on a daily basis to stay on their radar.