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How To Have A Stress Free Day At Work

Breaks are good but 'coffee breaks' not so much!

By Hafsa Saeed

Do you catch yourself constantly peeping at the clock at work? Or glancing at your boss as you sneakily open your favourite online store and pile stuff in your already overwhelming wishlist? Is your desk messy and are you constantly dropping off stuff or does that important document often go missing? Well, it is time to say goodbye to all these problems and have zero stress at work for the rest of your life! (Okay, that is a mild exaggeration because life is unpredictable but let’s cut it down to minimum amount of stressful days.)

Here are some of the tips and tricks to get through the day without having a melt down or an almost anxiety attack:

Stay Hydrated

Trust us; it is not as easy as it sounds. It is funny how much we underestimate the importance of aqua in our lives. Staying hydrated just doesn’t only shoo away that headache, but it also gives you an excuse to take at least five pee breaks during work hours and well, who doesn’t want a reason to avoid their coworkers and bosses for a few minutes?

So keep those flasks full and drink up!

Cut down on that coffee/chai intake

We all know that no matter what the weather is like, we Pakistanis love our caffeine intake. But is it good for you? Well, instead of decreasing anxiety levels, caffeine escalates it. Don’t doze up on those caffeine shots, and make cucumber or any other form of detox water or fresh juices part of your day.

Keep a planner/checklist

We know it sounds tedious, but you must always keep a check list. Whatever work is assigned to you, make sure you pen it down because let’s face it, even computers can make an error, we are human after all!

Motivation tip: Buy a pretty looking notebook or planner and colorful pens to keep things interesting.

Be your own competitor

In this fast moving world, it is hard to pause, take a break, and realize that you are only competing with yourself. But you must. It is important to gain your boss’ approval but it is equally essential to maintain your sanity. Hence, know where to draw the line. We all secretly want to be our boss’s favorite, but it’s a love-hate relationship in the end, so, embrace the good days and forget the bad ones.

Have conversations beside work with your coworkers

So many people spend their time talking about work – be it at work or outside work. Your coworker, who sits next to you, is a human like you, so try talking to him/her about a common interest. Maybe, find out if she has pets or how does he/she de-stress over the weekends. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you’ll feel once your daily conversations at work just don’t revolve around work and meeting deadlines.

All in all, just make sure you always keep your mind at ease because a healthy mind works better than a stressed one.