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How To Survive After A Crazy Week Of Shendis

How to help your skin recover from the after effects


By Mashaal Rana

 You know your best friend’s mehndi is going to be a long, long night of absolute carousing – and while all of this sounds like a treat for the party animal inside you, it raises concerns for the beauty nut that you can be. So, don’t worry if you are struggling for your 7 hours of beauty sleep during your #yaarkishaadi, we’ve got four ways to help your skin recover so you look as ravishing the morning after as you did on her dholki #lastnight. 

  1. Get some antioxidants in your system

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Get some antioxidants in your system (raw pomegranate is our personal favourite). This will make sure that your skin is well hydrated and will also fight the signs of dull and tired skin. 

  1. Get moving – A 3-minute walk can do wonders

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We know that the day after the Big Fat Punjabi Wedding is one where you are absolutely knackered. But, you need to push yourself to do a few rounds of jump rope or a 3 minute brisk walk. This will not only elevate your energy levels but also deliver blood to your skin to bring back that rosy glow.

  1. Scrub or mask away – get rid of those dead skin cells

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Use a gentle exfoliator like Dermalogica’s gentle cream exfoliant. This will stimulate cell renewal and detach those dead skin cells right off. Results: skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom (quite literally). 

  1. Fake that glow – a good tinted moisturiser and a bit of highlighter can go a long way


A sheer tinted moisturise has the capability to fake a natural glow. Top that with a dab of highlighter, and you have nothing short of a fresh radiance. We like Lancome’s Cushion Highlighter because it helps achieve that extra dewy finish.