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A Social Media Expert Tell Us How To Take An Insta-worthy Picture

Pro tips straight from a social media manager at Pakistan's leading Digital Agency

By Maha Asif Rizwan

Selfies look unflattering, food doesn’t twinkle in the dim light, and the sky looks like a big blue blob – the struggle to get the perfect shot for Instagram is very much real. We sat down with a Social Media Expert (who happens to handle the accounts for Nabila and Lux) for some pro tips and it turns out, that a slight tilt of the camera, a little ray of sunshine, and few basic photography skills can make you an Insta queen.

If you’re as obsessed as we are with turning your Instagram profile into the stuff of dreams then here’s everything you need to know.

How to make your followers travel with you? 

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The first step to getting a good travel shot on your phone is to hold your camera horizontally. Now that we have that out of the way, we can move to technical things like depth of field. The trick is to tap on your phone’s screen to focus on the object closest to your lens; this will help blur out the background and add depth to your scenery.

Lastly, remember that what separates a ‘good’ scenic shot from a ‘bad’ one is symmetry. So to create a natural balance by turning on the camera grid.

How to make your food look good?

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What do you do when the food on your table is ridiculously good looking, but the dimly lit restaurant acts as a a major spoilsport? You read on.

Social media managers waste no time in capturing food because freshly cooked food always looks more appetizing, so act fast and capture the sizzle of your steak. If it is too dark, the hack is to open your camera and tap the darkest area of your shot to instantly add a burst of light. The experts add a parsley garnish and focus on the bright green to uplift the composition of their frame, and crop the rest away.

How to take cool portraits?

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If you’re lucky, your phone already comes with a portrait mode. However, let’s all agree that photographing people can be quite tricky. As per practiced social media managers, it’s absolutely vital to apply the rule of thirds as often as you can. White space around your subject will instantly make your photo worthy of Instagram.

Add layers to your portrait to make it more interesting; shooting in front of windows, or in a room full of people can help create this in many ways. Our pro learning here is to move closer to the subject to capture the emotion, instead of zooming in.

How to capture ‘the moment’?

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Before you start taking a picture, use your eyes to frame the shot (which tells a story). To do that, use the focus feature wisely – stronger colors, shapes, and details are all worthy of being in focus.

Experts always use the burst mode to capture a moving moment, so they can pick the best shot later on. A useful tip here is to manually fix the exposure before the movement begins, to make sure you don’t lose light during action.

How to take a selfie?


Who takes 500 selfies before getting the right one? Raise your hand!

According to our Instagram experts, you’re doing the right thing. If there’s one trick that works with selfies, it is to take plenty of them.

Finding the right light source is the second most important tip. Move closer to natural light and tilt your head in different angles to find the one that’s the most flattering. The social media experts at Nabila say, keep your chin down, your camera high, and your expressions natural.

Find an interesting background and get Insta-ing!