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What makes Hira Ali A Fashion Diva

Cropped tops, ripped jeans and lots of oxford shoes



Designer and team head for Élan western couture Hira Ali’s high style quotient has her well established as a jet-set glamazon. The PIFD grad wears moody florals,crocheted tops and denim cut offs in the summer and minimalist patterns with fun accessories in the winters.

Read on to find out Hira Ali’s tricks for assembling the best wardrobe, as she talks about how she ups her style game with minimalist accessories.

How would you describe your style mantra – your very own style philosophy?

Less is more. I cannot emphasize on that enough. Pick one statement piece and work it in a way it does not absorb you. So your face, your body and your garment stand out in a way that they complement one other.

Is there a fashion label you absolutely love and why?

COS has engulfed me completely! They have a sense of balance, minimalistic details, clean lines and the most beautiful simple silhouettes. I love how they balance a regular silhouette with a detail which would make your mind spin in circles. Their fabrics are to die for.

loreal-lipstickWhat is your most treasured fashion obsession?

My most treasured fashion obsession has to be Oxford shoes for women. You can never go wrong with those.

When taking a sneak peek into your closet, what three items is one bound to find?

Cropped tops, ripped jeans and variations of oxford shoes.

black-shoesLet’s be honest here. What’s your closet like? Is it neat and proper? Or does it have an abstract language of its own?

I fix my wardrobe once every two months and every time I manage to take the time out to arrange everything I vow to myself that I will forever maintain this. Then a voice in my head screams “who are you kidding?” If my wardrobe could speak to me, it wouldn’t have many nice things to say.

What is the one trend you don’t get?

I am not a supporter of thebling. It puts me off seeing women downgrade such beautiful pieces which could stand so well on their own. People need to learn not to overdo their lookin every regard possible- whether it’s accessories or just an overwhelming play of embellishment.

Tell us a few ways to dress up for less?

The trick is to get a few tops handy with great details. It could be stitching detail, embellishment,  or an interesting silhouette. I am a sucker for detail.

earingsAny fashion errors we are still making?

Every figure has its own perks and drawbacks. Women need to recognize their body type and dress for it. If you have a curvy body, work it by accentuating your waist or playing with tailored fits. If you have a ruler body, play with volume. Not the other way around. That just does not work.

What piece of clothing do you spend most of your money on?

Shoes! Most shoes in my wardrobe are flats and most of them are sneakers, slip-ons or oxford dress shoes. If menswear brogues were available in my size, I would have those in every color.