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HSY Tells Us How To Throw An Epic Party

Six easy steps

By Hafsa Saeed

The name, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, is synonymous with all things fabulous. He isn’t referred to as the king of couture for no reason. In fact, he also bagged the award for the Most Stylish Host at the recently held Hum Style Awards. With all these coveted titles already under his cap, there’s another title that awaits him – he’s the most epic party animal in Pakistan! If his Instagram is anything to go by, he’s either throwing a GT or attending one.

If you want to throw a party just as cool as HSY, here is a step by step guide by the man himself.

Step One: Make that phone call

Sending out written invites is all very proper. In fact, it is too proper. HSY suggests you make it more personal!

“It is very important how you invite people because that sets a tone,” says HSY. “It doesn’t matter how many people I am inviting, be it 20 or 250, I personally call people apart from sending printed invitations.”

He couldn’t emphasize on the importance of the phone call enough.

“You always call people so that your guests feel special. It starts with that phone call, I am very busy, but I always make sure to call as you can speak genuinely on the phone and tell your guests that you would really want them to come.”

You might have figured out why half the people didn’t turn up at your last party. Maybe the printed invitations weren’t welcoming enough.

Step Two: Personalize your playlist

“I am not a big believer in DJs,” admits HSY.

Now, that’s a first!

“What makes a great party is knowing the kind of music you want. I am very particular about music and I work very closely with the DJ,” he adds, revealing that a DJ is very much part of the proceedings but he doesn’t dictate the terms.

“However, I love working with new people and people like DJ Shakir and SomeWhatSuper are very cool to work with. The mixed playlist should be very personalized and I think of all the people I have invited. There is different music for every hour.”

According to him, any party has a beginning, middle and an end, and your music should follow accordingly.

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Step Three: Work with your event planner like a friend

We made the biggest blunder of asking him about his favourite event planner. His response was:

“Hey! HSY is the guy.”

After some embarrassing silence on our side and a good laugh on his, he adds:

“I usually like doing stuff myself. I have worked with people like Jalal, Mona, and Shazray Khalid from Lahore, but we work like friends. I am again, very particular about what I like, so planners should be open to that as I believe a party should not look borrowed.”

Now, that’s an amazing point. Please guys, let’s think beyond the overtly white flower decorations.

Step Four: Increase the homely feels by investing into flowers

“Nothing is more personal than opening your own home, so I prefer throwing parties in my own house,” says the guy who happens to own a mansion by the way. “No matter how big or small the party is, even if it is limited to a room, your guests should feel that they are at home.”

He mentioned that his favorite décor items are flowers, specifically white flowers and candles. He works with florists himself. Why doesn’t that surprise us?

“The décor should not be too much but I am very particular about scenting the house.”

Hmm, let’s invest in scented candles and diffusers shall we?

Step Five: Say no to dripping food; it’s a party, not a dinner!

He told us that he loves trying new food out, but he doesn’t forget one very important fact: It is not a dinner, it is a party.

“The food needs to be easy to eat and dips or sauces [anything that has the potential to drip] are a big no. It should be delicious nonetheless. The desserts should also be simple. Basically food which people can enjoy and eat without a mess.”

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Step Six: ENGAGE with your guests

“Because, a party shouldn’t be about food, it should be about conversations,” explains the man.

We agree HSY, we agree.