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Get these AMAZING gota joras now

Article-GotaBy Maheen Bajwa

Whether its intense reds or subtle pinks, gota sure gives our formal joras a twist – no matter what our aesthetic. Scroll down to see our top picks of gota outfits created by designers and take inspiration on how to flaunt some gota lovin’on your next wedding-fest.

Misha Lakhani

Nothing is more striking than when you see gota in day wear. It brings casual elegance to another level. Misha Lakhani plays with the gota in an extremely crafty manner by purchasing sheets of gota and then structuring the gota in different forms. In this piece she has structured them in both triangles as well as stripes.

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Yasmeen Jiwa

This YJ piece gives the gota an edgy twist. By using gota on net, the designer seems to have introduced a concept that is not only unique but also elegant. The gota flowers are intricate yet dramatic and everything about this outfit screams high fashion!


Shamaeel Ansari 

Anything created by Shamaeel Ansari screams panache. This particular piece is no exception where the play on gota is an absolute visual treat taking gota to dazzling heights. The colour combination of pistachio and pink represents the designer’s versatility with colour. Shamaeel Ansari will forever be a timeless option.

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Deena Rahman

The youngest of the lot is none other than the Lahore based designer Deena Rehman. Deena is one of the few designers who infuse gota in pretty much everything she creates. Her take on the red bridal is absolutely extraordinary. The technique is 100% original making her one of the few designers who makes bridals without being dependent on dhabkakora.  DR is the new “IT” brand and her love for gota has helped her in claiming this title.In Article-2


Ali Xeeshan

HSY may be the “King of Couture” but Ali Xeeshan would have to be the “King of Drama”. This bridal displays the drama that can be created through gota. The benefits of working with gota versus heavier embroideries are that it is able to create the drama and still not be too heavy for the bride to carry.  Hence Ali Xeeshan for the win!

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