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I Tried Botox And I Liked It

Secrets from the surgeon's office

titleBy Mishayl Naek

They say 40 is the new 30, and MAN is that true in Pakistan! These 40+ year olds have thicker, shinier manes than Gisele; skin plumper than a Korean baby and bodies so banging that Victoria Secret models are taking notes. And all these are post multiple babies, multiple husbands and hundreds of frenemies.

So we hit the gym, invested in Keratase, and cut out sugar, dairy and gluten till we basically existed on imported bee pollen. We look marginally better, but hardly their level. If spinning ourselves to death had no effect, then what are these 40-somethings doing to look like they’ve permanently had a Bina Khan makeover?


We faced our subcutaneous fat and early signs of aging and begged Dr. Muhammed Ali Jawad, plastic surgeon and of Saving Face fame to save us from age disgrace. His new clinic R5 is supposed to help you look and feel gorgeous, so we asked him to break the silence on the Yummy Mummy Effect. We didn’t just stop there kind readers, we TESTED each procedure to tell you exactly what you’d be signing up for. Talk about commitment.


The first procedure we tried was botox and here is why we’re addicted:

Botox the hell out these early signs of wrinkles

First up were the crow’s feet. The years of forgetting eye creams, sunglasses, a divorce and a toddler who doesn’t sleep, left us with lines so deep they’re more like ravines. Dr. Jawad recommended some good creams and to stop frowning but who has time for that? We asked for the non-evasive surgical option (hint: Botox) and he finally produced the tiny needles. Yay!


Readers, this is the best thing ever. Honestly, no wonder women walk around with frozen faces. Botox is the BOMB. In fact the world should stop making real bombs and just invest in Botox. Just writing about it makes me want more of it. It takes a skilled hand to make sure you gently erase the fine lines and not end up looking like Nadia Hussain, so go to a plastic surgeon. Dr. Jawad used the minimal amount since this was about stopping premature aging and not creating a time machine.

IMG_4910The procedure on our crows feet and between the eyebrows took thirty minutes tops and the surgical room was clean and comforting. Dr. Jawad injected the Botox with us lying down so he could have more control, and the needles hurt way less than eyebrow threading. The full effect comes in 3-5 days and if you’re not happy you can adjust the results, which last around 4-6 months. We are SO happy and of course recommend the magic touch of Dr. Jawad.

IMG_4903In the first few days the muscles slowly relax and became paralysed, erasing the crinkle effect you get when you smize. Since the effect is spread over a few days it’s hard to see the difference so make sure you take a detailed selfie account. The final look after a few days is quite remarkable when compared to the before picture, and since we went for a light touch, there are still some lines left to leave character. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable or that your muscles are frozen, but your smile might look different without your laugh lines. Don’t worry about this just practice a nice, wide-eyed Insta-ready look instead. If you want to keep the wrinkle free look you’ll have to get a retouch in a few months since the Botox wears off, a small price to pay for skipping an eyelift later.

IMG_4912Verdict? Botox is fantastic and get it done earlier than later. It’s a tiny amount of discomfort to erase those lines of self-consciousness.


  • Hina

    How much did it cost? And what other procedures did u try?