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Inside Palwasha Yousuf’s Closet

Hair stylist Palwasha Yousuf embodies easy fashion


Amna Saleem

Hair stylist Palwasha Yousuf embodies easy fashion, just like her easy going and bubbly personality.Her wardrobe is comfortable and fun – full of sturdy, style staples punctuated with quirky, attention-grabbing accessories.

It’s always interesting to keep a track of what Yousuf is wearing, but this time round we went a step ahead and dug into her closet.


What is the most treasured item in your closet?
My shoes. A good pair of heels, sneakers or loafers makes me a happy girl!

Three items we’re bound to find in there?
A good pair of skinnies, some fun scarves to accessorise my look, and a pair of trendy shoes.

OneofmyLet’s be honest. What’s your closet like? Is it neat and proper? Or does it have an abstract language of its own?
Everyone, who knows me well, would know this answer already. I like my things organised– from shoes, clothes to everything that’s in there.

A fashion label you love?
Dolce and Gabbana is on the top of the list. Their style is elegant, chic and unique. It completely stands out with its originality, inspired by Sicilian culture and style.


One trend you just don’t get?
The craze for designer brands and the lawn madness!

Are you health conscious? How do you keep yourself fit?
Yes! One should definitely pay attention to fitness and health. As far as I’m concerned, I regularly go for a run or a walk to the park.


Let’s come to your dressing table. Name a few must-haves on your side of the table top?
I am obsessed with perfumes and perfumes and some more perfumes! That’s most of what you’ll see on my table.

What about traditional clothing? What do you enjoy wearing?
My love for shalwar kameez will never get old. I love the desi look. It makes life so much more comfortable.


What is your style philosophy?
No matter how much you accessorise or which brand you wear,if you don’t know how to carry it off then style goes out of the equation. It could be the simplest look ever but you’ve got to own it! Keep it simple and classy.

Tell us a few ways to dress up for less?
Zainab market is great for a good pair of jeans.One can pick a cool pair of pearl studs from any local accessories shop. WalkEase and Uzma Arcade are perfect if you’re interested in a pair of gorgeous khussasorkolhapuris.


You are often seen experimenting with your haircuts. Which one’s your favourite so far?
Loved my look with front bangs. It was daring yet fun!