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Is Bilal Ashraf the Best Boyfriend Ever?

We’re crushing hard.


Debonair, dimpled, and suave: Bilal Ashraf has an old school movie-star charm that could disarm a nun. The same cannot be said of his romantically challenged character Swaati, schoolteacher Asfandyaar in holiday smash-hit Janaan.  Bilal describes him as “uptight, serious, and frustratingly stubborn” as he struggles to win the heart of Armeena Khan’s adorable expat.

We can relate.  Finding a handsome, passionate man who exudes confidence in Pakistan is not easy.  So, what is the secret to Bilal Ashraf’s magnetism?

“I have never used a pick-up line in my life,” he admits.  No surprises. Here, he is a Franklin and Marshal grad who gave up his job as a hedge fund consultant to follow his dreams of cinematic glory. Soon enough I was crushing.  Hard.

WO: Did you know a lot of teenaged girls have crushes on you? Because we know quite a few.

BA:  They do? I had no idea. That’s very flattering.  I usually have no idea what other people think of me. I genuinely had no idea I was some kind of teen icon.

WO: You are totally the hunk of the year.  Are you single?

BA: Completely.  Right now my work schedule doesn’t leave much time for a love life, but I do think that having someone special in your life is important. I enjoy being with a beautiful woman.

WO: Are you a good boyfriend?

BA:  I like to think so.  Relationships are about respect and getting to know a person. I don’t believe in controlling my partner.

WO: So, who would your dream woman be?

BA: She has to be smart! That’s the most important thing. There is nothing more sexy than a woman with achievements. Of course, she has to be sexy too. Look at Monica Bellucci or Angelina Jolie these women are beautiful but they are also talented, brilliant, and generous.

WO: That’s a tall order.  Anything else?

BA: I would definitely go for someone who is sporty. An adventurous girl who is spontaneous, fun and willing to put herself out there. I play volley ball, cricket, table tennis. It would be great to share these things with someone.

WO: What’s a dream date with Bilal Ashraf?

BA: I would love to take someone special a to a beautiful mountain park in a chopper. I would have a delicious dinner ready and waiting. Nothing is more romantic than our Northern Areas.

WO: What’s the sexiest thing a girl could wear?

BA: Blue Jeans and a white T-Shirt.