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Is Lsa Winning Model Hasnain Lehri Headed To Acting School?

He just might be


Tall, dark and undeniably handsome – the Muse man was aglow in the glory of his first Lux Style Award. The model walked away with the coveted statue for his work as a male model.

“It’s a great feeling. I was nominated for Best Emerging Talent last year, and here I am winning Best Model this year. Just being nominated was an honour because there are so many male models in the industry and only five of us get this recognition,” he said.

“On a broader level, it’s great to know that people appreciate our work and are beginning to understand it. When we receive love from people, I feel that it’s a good sign for the industry.”

So, will he use this boost in profile to launch an acting career, like his contemporaries Shehzad Noor and Omer Shahzad?

“I’ve received a couple of offers, but I would rather not snap up the opportunity of a more deserving person,” reasoned the model.

He said, “The reason I haven’t started acting is that I believe in perfection. Whatever craft one wants to pursue, one must possess knowledge about it. I’m going for my acting classes in either London or New York. I’ll spend six months exploring the technicalities of acting. Once, I’m done with that, I’ll try my luck in the acting profession too.”

Looks like we’ll have to wait a while to catch this hunk on the big screen. In the meantime, we’ll just scope him out on the runway!