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Is This The Queen Of All Hair Treatments?

It certainly seems so

By Sumbul Adil

It is a hot afternoon when I enter the The Mahvish Hasan Salon for some TLC for my overly processed, dry and frizzy hair. It is in pretty bad shape. And so am I. Only yesterday, I had to skip an event because my hair decided to go up north and refused to settle down. Since going to the salon at that hour was impossible, I tied the disgrace that was my hair, in a bun, and crept back into bed. It was a bad hair day exemplified!

It was time to fix the mess.

And here I am, at the doorstep of The Mahvish Hasan Salon. As I battle with a gazillion options of protein treatments and permanent smoothing ones, enters Mahvish Hasan, right on cue. She examines my roots, scalp, and ends, and suggests the Kerastase Chronologiste hair ritual.

“It is the queen of all hair treatments,” she says.

By this point, I can hardly wait to deposit myself on the Shiatsu massage chair. The salon clearly pays A LOT of attention to the overall experience.

The ritual begins with a chronologiste scrub. Yes, a scrub, because our dead skin (and grime) finds funny spots to deposit itself in and our hair is the prime target. Then comes the shampooing, and all the while I have a remote control in my hand to control the intensity of the massage. Even when my Kerastase expert leaves me with a concoction on my head, my massage chair keeps me entertained.

After the shampoo, it is finally time for the Caviar pearls-infused Chronologiste masque! They pop a few pearls and out comes the elixir. I can already imagine myself swish-swashing my bouncy hair for the rest of my life as I get my complimentary foot massage.

But is the treatment long lasting?

“Yes, it actually strengthens your hair and fights whatever problems your hair is facing, so it definitely has long-lasting impact,” Mahvish Hassan shares. “You might need a treatment every two weeks or a once every two months, it really comes down to the condition of your hair.”

The bottom line is, this ritual actually works and will give you healthy hair. It is NOT just a ‘deep conditioning treatment’.

While we discuss the longevity of the treatment, the Kerastase expert places a fine mist steamer above my head to open the hair follicles for better penetration of the product. The advantages of this fine mist O3 machine are manifold, so stay tuned for our next article.

The masque is rinsed and what do I feel? Light-headed! It is the feeling you experience after scrubbing your body in a hot bath after a long tiring day.

Now, it is time to dry the hair. I almost run across to the door, with drippy hair, because who would want to damage their hair after such a long, relatively expensive treatment? Not me, at least.

I am assured that they have a solution for that too. Will they use a fan to air dry my hair? No, they are professionals with a professional solution: the Dyson Supersonic Dryer. It is super-fast. The heat is controlled. And it doesn’t make half the noise that your usual dryer makes. If it wasn’t for $400, I’d even consider buying it.

Before blasting my hair with not-so-hot air, the expert applies Chronologiste perfume oil, which acts as a barrier between my hair and the environment in addition to smelling divine.

How much would I rate our experience? Nine on ten. I get to keep one point because it is not a permanent solution and one needs to get a few rituals done for a healthy mane.

Things to remember:

  • There is a different treatment for different types of hair. Your’s could need a Kerastase Fusio Dose worth Rs. 2500 or a Chronologiste ritual worth Rs. 6K plus, so a consultation is extremely important!
  • Chronologiste is the only treatment that comes with a scrub. You might not need one if you take your DIYs seriously, but then again, you hair might crave it. The solution lies in a thorough consultation.
  • The caviar pearls, are again, only used in the Chronologiste ritual and are not ‘real’ fish eggs. They are manufactured in a lab and have a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins that renew each strand.
  • Don’t expect a miracle after first treatment…or maybe do!

This post was produced in partnership with The Mahvish Hasan Salon.