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Is Your Beauty Routine Winter Ready?

Tips to retain that summer glow!

By Haya Qamar

For most girls, winter brings dry, flaky, and lifeless skin. Believe it or not, it leaves them yearning for the summer sun to do its magic and uplift the dreary dullness the cold has brought about. Unfortunately, in the early months of winter, even makeup doesn’t seem to do the trick, because our skin is just not ready to comply! Little flakes pop through foundation, chapped lips crack under matte lipstick, and our regular foundation is a few shades too dark to match our winter complexion.

But fret not. You can extend the glowing summer skin by using these simple yet effective tricks!

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Steer clear of accentuating those pesky little flakes that are usually most prominent around your nose  by simply moisturizing. But try to avoid using moisturizer immediately before doing your makeup; you’ll end up breaking down your foundation or interfering with its formulation.

Instead, give yourself a mini-massage with your favourite (slightly more intense than your summer one) moisturizer about 15-30 minutes before starting your makeup routine – and always moisturize after taking your makeup off!


Use a daily or a more-intense weekly face scrub to make sure your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bum. Gently scrubbing your face will remove the layer of dead skin that builds up during the drier months. While doing the face, don’t forget your lips! Use some sugar and petroleum jelly for an easy DIY, or your toothbrush for the quickest way to remedy flaky lips!

Your New Bestie Is Bronzer!

We all crave that coveted summer glow in the winter, and what easier way to fake it than with your trusty bronzer? Winter is the best time to bust out your summertime-in-a-compact, and emulate every vacation ever! Sweep the matte-finish miracle on the parameter of your face to make your friends super J of that fake-ation you just went on.

Liquid Over Powder

Bye-bye matte, you were great during the hot, humid months, but we need something a little dewier for winter.

With the humidity gone, you should pack away our pressed powders to avoid looking super caked up. Yes, that little compact got you through a lot of sweaty, oily situations, but now is not the time for that!

Try skipping any setting powders at all, especially if it gets really cold where you are. You’ll have a much fresher makeup look rather than a dull, flat one which powder will provide in the winter. Stay closer to liquid and cream foundations, highlighters, and blush to avoid cracks and flaky skin!