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It’s Almost The New Year And It’s Time To Just Do You

WO Exclusive: New Years 2017


December 31st: the day when our entire outlook on life tends to change. We become determined about addressing life in a new way, because after all it’s a new year. New Year’s Eve has an immense effect on us – it makes us turn into more fun people (especially when we get excited about those midnight parties) and instils positivity in us to take everything head on from midnight onwards. But this upbeat boldness can dial down very quickly when expectations fail to meet reality. So, instead of declaring a major life change that is simply ‘easy said than done’, Women’s Own is advocating bringing about change in attitude that will in turn change our lives for the better. Below, our team shares what they wish to resolve in the coming year.

Anam Mansuri, Digital Editor


“In 2017, my resolution is to start talking to myself. Out loud – in front of the mirror and on the selfie cam, if I’m on the go. Does this sound crazy to you? Hear me out.

“This year, I found it really difficult to hear myself. My voice was not clear in my head amidst the clutter created by everybody else’s opinions and advice. It was stifled by a constant to-do list that I started to keep for managing the two start-ups I was running. And instead of encouraging me, the voice that I heard kept asking me: what else must we do? There is so much more that can be done. So, when I started talking to myself, the voice out loud challenged my inner critic and listed to everything that had gone right. I thanked myself for drinking more water everyday, getting exercise and taking care of my body. I thanked myself for working hard. It was the easiest conversation I’ve ever had with myself! So, for the next year my aim is to continue this self-love session on a daily basis.”

Mashaal Rana, Digital Managing Editor


“In 2017, I promise to celebrate myself. Now that sounds pretty vain, doesn’t it? But trust me on this one.

“Having lived in England almost all my life and moving back to Pakistan at the age of 23, 2016 has been a very difficult year for me. It was hard because I was consistently criticized for being ‘strong-headed’, ‘assertive’ and ‘too nice’, just to name a few labels. Every day seemed like a battle with the world until I realized that people would always try to change you, as not everyone is comfortable in their own skin. I was and that’s what got to others. At first, I tried to be more complacent just not to hurt others, and quieter not to overpower others, until I realized that I was losing myself. I was forgetting who I truly was. And that is when I decided to put an end to this two months ago. And, for the next year, I swear to continue to celebrate and accept myself – for who I am, what I believe in and for what I want to achieve from life. After all, if I don’t appreciate myself first, why would others? So, here’s to 2017 being a year of self-love and appreciating yourself for who you truly are.”

Hamna Moin, Digital Marketing Strategistnyr-1-copy

“In 2017, I resolve to let go of doubt as an element in my life and to embrace all opportunities that come my way with an open mind and a positive attitude. I resolve to take care of my mind and body and help others to do the same!”

Mahvish Ahmed, Fashion Writer


“I want 2017 to be all about embracing change, taking it slow, working less hard and being unapologetic about what I really want to do! Also, I plan to explore new cities on a bicycle and eat lots of cake.”

Maheen Bajwa, Fashion Writer  img_3550-2-copy

“My New Year’s resolutions are to laugh more, not take myself too seriously and focus more on my love for cooking!”

Maha Asif, Fashion and Lifestyle Writer


“My 2017 resolution is to step outside my comfort zone and take yet another solo vacation to Europe.”

Anushe Khalid, Writer


“My resolution is to have a resolution that I will actually follow for more than a week. I joke. But in all seriousness, to make the next 365 days full of positivity and to live in the moment each day.

“Life’s too short not to take risks, so if you feel like doing something – go get it!”

Palwashay Khan, Writer


“My resolution is to simply spread kindness. Almost like confetti that is.”

Now that you know what we will be up to starting midnight, what do you plan to change about your approach next year?