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It’s Time To Put On Your Fancy Pants

Because limiting yourself to those simple, straight pants is no fun

By Mahvish Ahmed

8:45 am: Ms. A wakes up from her deep slumber with a start. She only has 15 minutes to shower, get dressed, AND negotiate the rush hour traffic.

8:50 am: Ms. A pulls out a random kurta and spots yesterday’s white pants hanging right in front of her and heaves a sigh of relief: Her OOTD just got sorted.

What Ms. A doesn’t realize is that she has worn those pants (or a similar version of it) day in and day out for the past 365 days. Her colleagues don’t even notice when she slips into the office and her friends have moved her name to the bottom of their ‘Shopping buddies list’. In short, Ms. A’s obsession with white pants threatens to make her life dull, just like her choice of pants.

She isn’t aware that the trendiest sartorial options of fringes, bows, tassels and ruffles are not limited to kurtas. There are just as many pants to experiment with as there are kameezes.

Here, we break down the hottest trends in that department. Dare to expand your fashion palate a little and pair your tops with these bold lowers to score higher on the style-o-meter.

Ruffled Pants


Give a big bear hug to asymmetrical ruffled trousers this year and for days when you feel a bit more theatrical, choose a multi-layered one and pair it with a flared top.

You can buy them here.

Pants with retro patch-work


We’re sure you realise patch work looks cool on jeans and jackets, but what you might not know is that it looks equally cool on tapered trousers.

Shalwars with bows


We’ve sported a bow on our heads, our arms, and now it’s time to take them lower down to our ankles. They make a powerful style statement to say the least.

Boot leg pants with bows on the knees


Take the bow a little higher and you’ve got yourself yet another sartorial choice.

Tulip pants with bows


Place the bow on a tulip shalwar and you’ll get a third look using just one element: the bow.

Side-striped folded culottes


We often fold our jeans then why not our culottes? Bottom folded trousers will transform your look from ‘just chic’ to ‘sporty chic’ and we like the sound of latter better.

Boot legged pants with slits and buttons


Simple boot-legged pants look as miserable as its boring cousin – straight pants – so next time you’re out shopping, look for those big slits and metallic buttons/spikes.

Tulip pants with contrasting accents and buttons


We saw a lot of tulip shalwar last year but before you ditch this trend, try experimenting with its different variants.

Bubble pants


They had us at bubble. We’re sure something that sounds so quirky, will look crazy good too.

Gharara pants


This is one of our personal favourites. You might want to stay away from all that volume during the day when you’re out and about, but it is perfect for those relaxed soirées in the evening. But if you like to challenge yourself then go ahead and flaunt your fancy gharara pants during the day.

Let’s call these…peplum pants?


We’re not sure how these would look on petite women but they’ll definitely elevate the style game of all those tall females out there.

Tapered pants with ribbon buttons


If bows and ruffles are a little too dramatic for you, then just button up your tapered pants.

Boot legged pants with tassels


Who said tassels are only for your upper body? We’ve spotted them on wide-legged trousers and they look equally cool hanging around an ankle as they would on a hemline.

Just make sure you don’t have tassels hanging from every tier of your body. Let’s a draw a line between embracing femininity and looking like a chandelier.

Culottes with organza or lace fringes


Frayed bottoms have our heart and you can easily achieve the look by asking your tailor to stitch a fringed lace around your culottes.