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Join this Whatsapp Group for the Fanciest Virtual Shopping Experience Ever

Get your Gucci fix from the comfort of your home!

We’ll admit it. Owning a designer handbag (or two or three) is on our list of things one must do once you enter the ‘adult world’. Your regular canvas tote just won’t do and those trusty flip flops are good enough for your loo and that’s about it. Women’s Own by no means wants you to strangle the real you, but who doesn’t love a little Chanel goodness in their lives?

So what do you do when the desire for that Fendi bracelet catches you off guard? Book a ticket to London and head to Harrods for your shopping fix? Nope, that’s taking things a bit too far. You simply ask Nusrat Salim Godil to add you to her WhatsApp group called Heavenly Closet.

Who is she and what’s her group all about?

One fine day Nusrat Salim Godil and Kulsum Sakaria were roaming on the streets of Los Angeles, buying the list of designer goodies Nusrat was asked to bring back to Pakistan by her friends and family when Kulsum looked at her aunt and said, “Why don’t we take this up as a business?” And the rest as they say is history.

Women’s Own got in touch with one of the partners of the Heavenly Closet, Nusrat Salim Godil, to get the deets on the luxury shopping experience.

What is Heavenly Closet?

We are middle women between buyers in Pakistan and high end brands like Chanel, Gucci, Tory Burch, and so on. We’ve made four WhatsApp groups because there’s a limit of 256 members on each and that’s where we take orders and confirm them.

Who gets to be on this WhatsApp group?

Only those ladies whom we trust because a lot of money is involved in this business. We invest more than 50 lac per month and we don’t take any advance payment, so we need to be sure that people who’re ordering the designer goods are serious buyers. Anyone with a trusted reference makes it to our group easily.

We operate in Karachi, Islamabad, LA and Chicago.

A lot of online pages are offering this service, how is Heavenly Closet different?

We provide live shopping. Kulsum – my partner who lives in LA – enters a shop, starts uploading pictures, and then the members select things that they want to buy. They don’t need to scroll through websites and give us links and then face disappointment if that particular bag or accessory isn’t available. It’s like shopping in LA from the comfort of your home in Karachi.

Also, we get to know of one-hour flash sales at these mega brands beforehand. Our customers get pretty decent deals because we’ve built a rapport with store managers across LA and Chicago.

What’s the best deal that you’ve offered to your clients till now?

You can get a Mac lipstick for as low as Rs. 1600! You can basically get all Mac products at their original price without any added custom duty because Kulsum is a certified makeup artist and she gets a hefty discount at the makeup store.

Which brand do ladies in Pakistan love the most?

Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Louis Vuitton. Women in Pakistan are crazy about these brands, and buy them in bulk.

What’s the hottest selling item till date?

Gucci’s shawls do REALLY well! And so do Tory Burch’s sandals.

What are the hottest designer accessories this season?

J’adore Dior’s cross body bag and clutch, Gucci Alexandro Michelle bags, Ferragamo shoes, Valentino Rossi’s high heel pumps, Mc Queen’s four ring clutch, and Fendi’s bracelets are all trending big time this season.

What should a girl MUST buy?

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir! A woman needs to look good to enjoy her designer wear and this serum is magical. I swear by it. It instantly perks up your face.

What’s the oddest purchase you’ve ever made for a client?

We occasionally get orders for Gucci’s bathroom slippers and I just don’t understand why! Whether we admit it or not, we buy LV, Hermes and all these brands because there’s this little person inside us who is class conscious, but I’m sure nobody judges you when you’re off to the loo.

Heavenly closet – a brand that started on the basis of PR and friends of friends a year ago, now caters to over a 1000 women across Pakistan and is the pioneer of live shopping in Pakistan.