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Khaadi’s Chapter 2 Is Back For Good

The brand returns to its roots with hand woven fabric

By Rozina Bhutto

The calendar for every fashionista was chock full the last week with the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Lux style Awards, and Hum Showcase, all happening one after another. Every event had its own defining moment; for LSA it was Mahira and OB’s rap battle and for the Hum Showcase it was Khaadi’s inauguration of its sub-brand.

Chapter 2 took us back to the age where Zara and Saniya (from Tanhaiyyan) were role models and the Khirads of the world didn’t exist. Basically, Chapter 2’s collection yells strength, independence, and dominance. It revisits Khaadi’s handloom fabric and straight cuts that won our hearts back in the 90s’.

What is Chapter 2?

If you come to think of it, it is actually the very first chapter of the clothing brand involving hand woven garments.

“Khaadi started its journey with hand woven fabric, but as the brand entered the retail business, our hand woven fabrics took a backseat due to low production and high cost. It wasn’t feasible business wise,” the Creative Head of Chapter 2, Saira Shamoon, said while explaining the design philosophy of the sub-brand. “Meanwhile, our men collection and home textile products stayed true to our USP.”

Then why did you decide to bring hand woven garments back after gaining so much success and opening over 50 flagship stores?

“Our loyal customers still want the hand woven three piece suits back, but we want to attract new generation with Chapter 2,” Saira said while talking about the Khaadi’s sub-brand which will have a dedicated conceptual store in Dolmen Mall Clifton within a month’s time. “Chapter 2 is for people who want cleaner, simpler looks and a classic silhouette. Our clothes won’t go out of style for the next four to five years.”

So, does that mean Khaadi is targeting a niche market?

“Yes, it is,” the Creative head admitted. “But people love change and our collection will definitely set a trend which other brands are likely to follow.”

Now, don’t start getting all the wrong ideas because the price points will remain affordable with their basic collection ranging between 3-5K. So go grab those shoulder pads that have been rotting away in your mother’s 80s’ closet because Khaadi has brought structured shirts with boxy shoulders back for good.

Here are our fave looks from Khaadi’s showcase.

Structured look doesn’t mean you need to compromise on layers. Cotton blazers, patch work, and (slightly longer) crop tops over longer shirts work as well in Summer as they do in Winter.

Why are saris restricted to formal evenings? Let’s support Shamoon’s effort to bring it back to the streets with this deconstructed cotton sari.

Heirloom fabric doesn’t always mean boring tea rooms and book clubs. Khaadi shows us how to do colour but keep the minimalism intact.

Another way to add drama to the understated look is through slits.

Collars, stripes, and flared pants is all you need to rock that mid-week meeting.

But if you’re feeling a bit edgy then flared sleeves and pants with a classic collar is the way to go.

We’re happy that Khaadi has finally come out of its Aztec world and has welcomed its old world charm.