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Laser Hair Removal: Yay or Nay?

Answering one question at a time

By Sherazade Khan

With every other dermatologist now morphing into a cosmetologist, laser hair removal (and any other nip-tuck-esque procedure) is easily available to all! A process, which a lot of us could not even afford to think about a few years ago, is now slowly becoming a life decision one has to take sooner or later.

Speaking from experience, I can say that while hair growth reduces significantly, you by no means become completely hairless. Hang on to your parlour aunties, because you’ll need them for your routine waxing and threading to keep yourself from looking like a relatively bare Sasquatch!

The question is, should one go for it or not?

Today we answer a few questions that haunt every woman’s mind before taking the big decision.

How much does it cost?

A full body treatment can cost you anywhere from Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000, depending on the clinic, your negotiating skills, and whether any promotional deals are on or not. After the initial sitting, you will feel that you can go without needing to do much – just pluck a few hairs out here and there – for a good two months.

Final say: This is a great investment just before a honeymoon or a long vacation where one doesn’t want the added hassle of doing tedious things such as removing unwanted hair!

Does it hurt?

I have had sittings on multiple machines and the ones being used these days are far less painful. It feels like constant stinging ant-bites. If you’re feeling brave, you can ask your technician to use a higher level of electricity, which is more painful, but also more effective. So let her know what your pain threshold is before you start!

Final say: Some areas like the upper lip, underarm and bikini line are more sensitive, so watch out!

How long will it take for my hair to COMPLETELY disappear?

That might not happen, but if you go in every 6-8 weeks for at least 8 sittings (more for the face and thicker hair growth areas that your cosmetologist will identify) you will find that the hair has in fact almost disappeared, or so it seems. Hair growth becomes so thin that you can barely see it.

Something to keep in mind though, is that during your life, hormones in the body dictate the kind of hair growth on your body. If you go onto or off birth control, have a baby, hit menopause, or develop polycystic ovaries, then the effects of the treatment are reversed suddenly and without warning!

Final say: It does not guarantee an everlasting effect, so be prepared for hormonal imbalances.

Where to start?

I’d suggest, start with your underarms, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and bikini area. Once you see the result, you’ll be able to decide whether or not to go ahead. But package deals, such as the whole body, are often better value for money.

Final say: Snoop around before deciding where to go. FYI: Lahore is much cheaper overall than Karachi!