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Lawn Wars: 5 Brands That Are Killing It This Season

Buckle up ladies, it is time to begin the quest for the best lawn jora(s)!

By Amara Javed

It’s that time of the year again. The time when sweat finds creative ways to trickle down our bodies in between our frantic hops from one centrally air-conditioned space to another, but can a petty thing like that deprive our inner aunty-jees from hoarding this season’s must-have lawn joras? Certainly not!

As frenzied women, with wallets bursting with moolah (seriously who are you really?) make wild attempts at attaining the most coveted lawn suits as soon as they launch by reaching the mall but finding themselves swamped with choices. So the question arises how to zero in on the best of the best?

Relax. Breathe in and then out and read on.

Here are five lawn collections which will set you apart this season. We promise.

Sana Safinaz

The undisputed Queens of Lawn, Sana and Safinaz launched their Spring/Summer 2017 collection with a swanky ‘It Girl’ brunch earlier this month. With the who’s who of Karachi and Lahore donning their prints in various trendy styles, it was no surprise that the suits started selling out instantly. And we think that you should get hold of one too right about now.

Image: Sana Safinaz

Farah Talib Aziz

Farah Talib Aziz, in collaboration with Lakhany Silk Mills, recently introduced their 2017 collection Saison De Joie and it is as aesthetically pleasing as the name itself. Featuring French lace trimmings, cutwork, 3D embroideries, and a predominantly pastel palette, the collection was shot in the luxe locale of Monaco. The elegant city was fitting for the collection to say the least.

Image: Farah Talib Aziz

Keep these feminine prints for a girls day out or those kitty parties where you must look like a gazillion bucks or face the silent wrath of other members.


We’re sure you remember those historical Sapphire sales where women put their differences apart and unite to present us the female version of Mad Men. Those memorable moments are co-sponsored (she can’t take the entire credit now can she) by Khadijah Shah and her genius designs. So you can imagine that Shah’s parent line – Elan – hits a double whammy this year round as well.

Image: Elan

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Spain, Elan’s Spring/Summer catalogue strikes all the right notes with intricate, detailed prints, and embroidery paired with bold chiffon dupattas. Pair the fun prints with reflectors, slip-ons, and a nude tote to perfect the desi summer look.

Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan brings a Shakespearean touch to this year’s Lawn Wars with baroque inspired prints and a summertime palette featuring lots of citrus hues. Inspired by “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the collection is bright and punchy.

Image: Saira Rizwan

There might be tonnes of confusion in the Shakespearean play, but we have none when we say, “go grab those lawn suits before they go short.”

Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan’s love for all things desi continues to reign this season as well and we’re not complaining. At all. With rich colours and ethnic vibes, this is one of the best lawn collections of the year.

Partnering with Ittehad Textiles, the young brand takes a refreshing approach to lawn as it pays ode to traditional prints. Their Jaipur inspired kurta is on our radar and can certainly be your go-to dholki outfit this summer. Just don’t forget to pair it with some Amrapali earrings and red lips.

Image: Zara Shahjahan

While we may not be huge fans of racing to the nearest lawn store and making an impact on our surroundings with our lawn goodies, it certainly doesn’t hurt to earn a nice stock of airy eastern (or even western if your darzi is creative enough) wear that can last you the scorching summer season. So what are your picks this year? Share away!