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Lazy Desi Girl: Adulting Was Never This Easy

When life gets tough, the tough speed dial.


By Mahvish Ahmed

We hear you. You have a big presentation at work tomorrow and the AC konked out. You have set out the entire day to unpack your winter clothes and you realize that you’re out of sabzi for the day’s cooking. The babysitter is MIA but you desperately need a mani-pedi. Pesky domestic problems like these keep getting in the way of you making full use of the day.

But there are some god sent services that will help manage the little things while you focus on what’s really important to you.


Broken ACs, leaking taps, creaky furniture and short-circuited switches are everyday nuisances that we hate to deal with. Plus issues like the plumber not showing up on time, drivers taking an unexpected leave because of halaat kharaab, or not being able to set up a time when you’re home to have the work done make it an even bigger pain. But fret no more. Take a deep breath, relax and let Sukoon manage it all. Just by filling a short form on their Karachi based service’s website you can have security verified electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masons, and painters at your doorstep at the exact time you want. And what’s more, you gain points for every work done to get some nifty discounts in the future.



We would love to live in a city where the cool temperatures allow us buy a full month’s worth of groceries and store them without tension in a pantry. But we don’t. We live in Karachi and the shelf life of fruits and veggies can be counted in hours, let alone days. Which means you will discover you’re out of bell peppers just as you’re whisking that omelet, or find out that you forgot to buy potatoes as soon as the cook shows up at the house. Well, SubziPhal (only Karachi) comes to rescue. Log on to the website, pick your favorite fruits and vegetables (including canned items), and the fresh items will be delivered to your doorstep.



Admit it. You’re lazy. And that’s fine because we’re lazy too. And sometimes when you decide to watch that movie at night and are really craving some chips and soda it’s just too much of a hassle to drive to the store. Thankfully there are delivery services available that will bring everything right to your doorstep. Whether it’s a pack of gum, delivering a cheque to your landlord, cinema tickets or paying the phone bill simply place a call to ‘Khadim Online’ at 111-542-346 if you’re in Karachi and ‘Road Runner’ at 0334-1310131 if you’re in Lahore. Done.




Clothes need to be washed and ironed, washing machines need constant supply of bijli, dry cleaners are a hassle to go to, and the dhobi is just not reliable. What do you do then? Well, if you’re in Karachi you register yourself with Cleanry.Com and if you’re in Lahore you download the app from Timely pickups and drops, reasonable prices, and never needing to park your car in a tight corner of a commercial area to
deposit the laundry. What more could one ask for?



Once in a while, when you need some me time, going to the salon and spending a few hours getting pampered is therapeutic. But mostly, it’s a hassle. Getting an appointment, taking out the time from that packed schedule, and where do we leave the kids? We say give a call to Coiffure Services in Karachi at 0322-2266764 and to GharPar at 03434074134 if you’re in Lahore to have them come set up an express salon in your home with all the services you need. Check out their Facebook pages for packages and more information.



Only someone living under a rock over the last few months may not have heard about Careem and Uber. The global taxi services have been ramping up operations rapidly in various cities of Pakistan and provide a safe and quick transport service which is always on time and very easy on the wallet. There’s not much to say about them. We’ve tried them, we love them and we ask you to go and download both apps on your phone pronto. You really will thank us later.



Now here is a service that all of us have been truly waiting for. No more calling repeatedly to phones conveniently switched off, and no more taking rounds of the tailor store only to find he’s “gone for lunch”. is an online tailoring service based in Karachi that delivers worldwide. You can have them come pick up the fabric from your house or have the fabric delivered to their address from any online store. Measurements are saved on your profile on their website but you can also send a naap sample for added peace of mind. Your stitched clothes will be delivered to you within 3 to 8 days. It’s a tad more expensive than your traditional tailor but then who has ever been able to put a price on peace of mind?