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Lessons In Bridal Wear

Five lessons in bridal wear that BCW Gold taught us


By Maha Asif Rizwan

When you live in Pakistan, every season is wedding season and every other girl, a bride-to-be. So naturally, the rest of us are perpetually on the lookout for decent bridal dresses that will get us through one season at a time.

We’re going over our Bridal Couture Week 2016 archives to get back in the mood, because let’s face it – the heat might have stalled the weddings for a month or so but we all know they’re just waiting to begin.

Here are some trends we’re feeling, come August!

Metallic mantra


Like countless others in the past, BCW Gold proves yet again that the reign of metallic on bridals will never go out of style. Collections by Erum Khan, Mansoor Akram and Sadia Mirza were a polished and shimmering treat to watch, with metallic fabrics, palettes and accents.

After years of being on the runway, this haute couture trend has transitioned into bridal pret wear not just for the modern bride but for all of those invited to her big fat Pakistani wedding.

Bronze is the new gold


If you hadn’t already figured it out, BCW Gold was a reminder that bronze really is the new gold. The dominant metallic bronze palette in Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s gorgeous collection brought back the regal degree of bridal wear. While Yasmin Zaman and Uzma Babar played with more gold-inspired bronze shades, slowly moving to the latter with contrasting accents of copper and crimson. All in all, your dresses this bridal season are far better off bronze than gold!

Belted bridals  

03The belted silhouette has consistently been a prominent fashion trend for the past year and bridal dresses are no exception. Tena Durrani and Asifa and Nabeel amongst others displayed gorgeous belted lehenga choli ensembles, with Zainab Chottani creating sleeker silhouettes with short shirts and flair trousers. BCW proved that a strategic knot on your waist is sure to bring out more profile in your formal wedding wear.

Introducing black


Alas, more than one designer collection walked out on the BCW Gold ramp wearing breathtaking black bridals. Take note ladies: Yasmin Zaman’s black bridal dresses are a seemingly perfect fusion of eastern and western details. Amir Adnan did justice to the dark hue and classic shape by keeping things more refined with black embellishments on black fabric. While Sonya Batla’s ruffled lehenga and lace choli was a clear winner, indicating that black always works, even in bridals.

Bold bridal wear


Finally, the bridal runways have spoken in favour of bold ensembles. Daring sheer details by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha were equal parts gorgeous and impressive. The black and crimson cape by Yasmin Zaman, inspired from the Spanish matador, was a bold step towards expanding formal wear horizons while retaining traditional details. While the fun and colorful collection by Rung Ja, was a quirky spin on dresses for all your mehndi nights featuring shalwars, short shirts, and angarkhas. Here’s our cue to be more courageous with our bridal dresses.