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Lip Contouring has taken over our lives

How to get the prettiest pouts in the land


Palwasha Khan

The entire world (well, the makeup world) seems to be obsessed with contouring. The technique may be gimmicky but it allows you to redesign that khandani pakora nose without going under the knife and that is something we’re all on board with.  This visual trickery is not just restricted to the brown on beige cheekbone mask that we once knew it to be.

Contouring is a lifestyle, a religion, a mantra. It’s about being the best you that you can be. If Kylie Jenner has taught us anything it is that all of us can be bombshells and now she has commodified that lesson with the massive success of the aspirational Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

The top selling contour kit in the market isn’t even for your face. Lips are the sexiest new contourable body part. We used to think that  lip contouring is just using a lip pencil to line your lips before adding your favorite Colour Pop. If only it was that easy. To legit lip contour you need to create the illusion of shadow.

The question now is how do you score get  Angelina Jolie-like lusciousness?

  • Makeup experts suggest that the first thing to do is scrub of lips lightly to get rid of dry patches.
  • Next apply a non-greasy lip balm or coconut to give the lips a smooth texture.
  • Now after exfoliation and moisturizing pick a lip pencil that is slightly darker than your natural lip color – NOT the lip color you wish to apply. If you use the same color as the lip color you plan to put on it won’t bring about the illusion. Draw slightly outside the lip line but do not draw a new set of lips.
  • Add two criss-crossing curved lines below your cupid’s bow and smaller strokes where your lip meets your lip liner. Apply a light lipstick over the dark lipliner.

You can add a shimmer or a gloss but don’t cover your entire lips – keep the shimmer to the center of the lips to get a full effect. You can even apply a dab of highlighter on the cupids bow right above of your upper lip in the center below your nose to give a more refined look.

There you go: Forget fillers that fade away and dangerous suction cups that swell your lips up and are usually an incubus for infections.  Once you are a pro you’ll be giving blowing kisses at everyone!