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London Food Diaries

What to actually eat when in the United Kingdom


We know your Facebook Check In at Sexy Fish or your Insta tag at the Arts Club earns you major desi social points, but how about giving those truly touristy food items a go? There are some food items that scream London without the hefty price tag and let you treat yourself at Topshop instead. So ditch the January reservation and check out Women’s Own’s must-have foodie list for the London traveler:

The 99-ner

1_coneDuring the brief seven to ten days of “summer”, a true Londoner greets the sun and sweat with their skimpiest Zara dress and the classic 99-ner. It would be more accurate to call it a 2.49-ner but the vanilla soft serve cone and flake of our childhoods will always go by its original name. Nothing says summer vacation in Hyde Park like this cold treat dripping down your clothes.

Fish and chips

2_fish_chips_featureWe know there’s more artistic fare available to entice your high level palette, but nothing hits the spot like a newspaper wrapped cod. The oil seeping through, the vinegar smell, the stroke inducing sodium content… Mmmm.

Baked Potato (with Beans and Cheese)

3_baked potatoThere’s a 100% chance you’ll be rained on at the worst moment, making you feel cold in places you didn’t want to know and a deep frustration only prescription medication will cure. Next time you’re drenched, duck into your nearest Café and order a steaming hot baked potato (we like ours with cheese and baked beans). That starchy plate of melted goodness will pick you up better than any Xanax.


4_shawarmaIt’s Saturday night, 2 am, you’ve just left the club and are starving! It’s London so everything closed at 11PM and it looks like undah toast in the flat might be the only option. Fear not London Travellers! There is one street that doesn’t sleep and that’s Edgware Road and hunks of meat rotating on their spits. This is truly England’s version of comfort food and nothing like a little home khana feel to end the night. Whether it’s lamb, chicken or mixed there’s nothing like a yummy shawarma.

Dim Sum

5_dimsum2If you’re wondering where all the Pakistanis are, head over to Royal China on Baker Street. The dim sum is honestly mediocre and the staff completely obnoxious, but there’s no place better to wear your new Harrod’s loot and see the Sindh Club set.  Plus we do love dim sum.