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Long Hair Looks We Love

These Celebs sure know wassup

Remember when the overgrown hair look was considered ‘tacky’? And anyone who dared to go below their shoulder blades was considered a Paindoo Parween. Well, those days are gone and apparently there is no such thing as hair that’s “too long!” While bobs might be all the rage these days, how many celebrities have you noticed going for the chop? Not many. There are a number of celebrities – desi and non-desi – who love their long locks and stick with it no matter what.

Women everywhere are owning this look, and our favourite celebrities are leading the way in shoots, on the runway, and the red carpet.

Don’t believe us? Go through these images and see for yourself:

Sanam Saeed loves her thick, long, back hair and that’s no secret. She even refuses to style them as much as other celebrities and opts for braids and bandanas instead of tongs and straighteners.

Okay, Katrina Kaif’s hair isn’t naturally long, but doesn’t she look super sexy in this long hair look?

Bella Hadid shows you how to rock twisted pigtail with them long locks. It’s not just about growing them past your shoulders, you must style them with panache too, or else, the threat of resembling a paindoo parween is always lurking round the corner.

Amal Clooney manages to take our breath away every time we set our eyes on her. Here she is in her signature long-layered look.

There was one thing that gave Serena Vanderwoodsen (from Gossip Girl) power over the queen of Upper East Side, and that was her long, bouncy locks. Blake Lively has always kept her hair on the longer side because…why not?

Here she rocks a ponytail braid.

The Hum Style Awards held last month saw a lot of bad fashion, but there was one trend that reigned supreme: long hair! Even those actresses who don’t have naturally long hair, opted for extensions and sported it.

Case in point is the rising superstar, Hania Aamir.

Mawra Hocane opted for a side flip at the Style Awards.

While earlier this year, Sajal Ali went for a sleek mid-parted look. Ali is one actress who is majorly in love with her long hair and we’ve never seen her go for a drastic chop.

Photo by John Parra/WireImage

J-Lo and her long sleek hair is a match made in heaven.

Here’s another celebrity, who likes to keep it long; Momina Mustehsan! There’s a reason why everyone went gaga over her in Afreen Afreen and you know, it might be that silky, shiny long hair!

Let’s end it on the style icon of the decade. From her debut film, Sawariyan, to her upcoming one, Veere Di Wedding, Kapoor rarely opts for a shorter hairstyle.