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Long Locks FTW

This hair trend is back


Image:  Sunsilk

By Anushe Khalid

A while back, the overgrown hair look was considered ‘tacky’ for the lack of a better word. You may have even come across some totally ridic comments about it. But let us remind you, those days are way gone. You can no longer slide by after passing a sly comment on someone’s lengthy locks because now women everywhere own this look – in a shoot, on the runway and to the red carpet.

And we’re not just talking about the less familiar models and actresses, but some very well recognised ones. Yes, you can add Kim Kardashian to the top of that list (in fact she recently uploaded a boomerang to her Instagram flaunting her new look). The ‘short hair, don’t care’ days are things of the past as now it’s all about those thick luscious locks. With the help of protein treatments and the invention of human hair extensions, anyone can now pull off long, healthy and luscious hair.

To give you an idea of what exactly we’re talking about, here are a few pictures of your favourite celebrities rocking this cool trend:

  • Image: Instagram/hareemfarooq