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Louboutin’s Latest Collection is Inspired by Lahore and it’s Fabulous

Time to start saving up!

By Sherazade Khan

Can you imagine our shock when Christian Louboutin, the famous shoe-design maestro, known so well for his iconic cherry red soles and heels that promise women sexier legs in no time, coined his latest collection the Lahore Flat? Our jaws nearly hit the floor!

Sure, we know he visited earlier this year and made a trip to the historic city of Lahore, but we weren’t expecting to see an ode to Pakistan, and that too, in such extraordinary fashion!

The shoes, which we predict are going to be quite coveted, especially by Pakistani women, start at a whopping $750. They’re a glamorous anthology of flats, with a basic black patent alongside more colourful counterparts. The collection is said to reflect our exciting, rich and vibrant culture in it’s intriguing and vivid design.

We can’t make up our minds on which we like best! For now we’re drooling over them all, especially the silky bow in the back…