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Love To Shop From International Sites?

We have a solution

By Sherazade Khan

We bet you often find yourselves browsing through international web stores, falling in love with a product, and then forwarding it to a chachi or mami, praying that they have extra room in their baggage (to fit in your wish list) whenever they decide to visit Pakistan. The summer jackets at Forever 21 look way cooler than those found here, and the variety of sneakers is neverending!

But you cannot expect your vilaiti phuppi to understand this vital piece of information!

Imagine how nice it would be if you could order stuff from stores such as Sephora, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret and even Walmart and receive it, cash on delivery, in the comfort of your home!

Although, a lot of Facebook pages are offering this service, it is a lot of hassle. You send them links and they send you (sky high) quotes, and sometimes suddenly vanish from the face of the earth, leaving you mascara-less for as long as six months!

Call it divine intervention or whatever else you prefer, we recently stumbled upon PKShip – a borderless online store – and we think you should know about it too!

How does it work?

You buy the product(s) directly from a US-based online store and use PkShip to deliver the goodies to your doorstep in Pakistan. Once you inform them about your purchase, they send you a quotation with all the cost (custom clearance, taxes, and duties) excluding the cost of the item that you have already paid for. Basically, you pay the delivery charges once the product reaches your doorstep.

This option is feasible for sites which accept Pakistani credit cards, but you have to use the shipping address given to you by PkShip.

What do you do when the website doesn’t accept your credit card?

PkShip can purchase the product on your behalf. They will then send you the total cost of the service and the product and you will pay in advance.

Should you purchase from PkShip or directly from international website?

PkShip advises customers to not rely on their website, but to find their product on the US-based online store, send the link to and wait for their quotation. You can email them the URL and they will get back to you within 15 minutes.

No hassle at all! Fabulous isn’t it? Happy shopping!