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Loving Lavender

Spring it on


By:Mahvish Ahmed

Lavender, lilac gray to be exact, is one of the top ten Pantone colors for spring 2016 and oh-so-perfect for summer. When the sun is harsh, we can all use some flower power in our wardrobe. No wonder our designers seemed to be spellbound by this beautiful hue from the purple family and have added numbers of various shades of Lavender to their collections. From runways to shop racks, from casual lawns to bridals, from Farah TalibAziz to Zara Shahjahan, lavender seems to have conquered the Pakistani fashion scene this season. Need to see it for yourself? Here goes!



Zara Shahjahan

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Ammara Khan

04 ammara khan

Ansab Jahangir Studio


Nadia Farooqui

06 Nfarooqui

Saira Rizwan

07 sairarizwan

Saira Shakira

08 sairashakira

Sonia Azhar

09 sonia azhar

Zainab Salman


Farah Talib Aziz

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