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Lsa Style Evolutions

Are you ready to witness a transformation?


We scoured 15 years of LSA red carpet pictures to bring you some groundbreaking transformations. Here’s a list of who looks like a different person from what they used to and who stayed exactly the same!

Frieha Altaf

                                                  2004                                                     2012


This powerhouse has had her share of hits and misses over the years. What a drastic change over 6 years!

Iman Ali

                                                  2005                                               2006


In just a year’s time, Iman managed to change her look drastically. She got rid of her ugly orange streaks and put them up in a sleek up do the following year. She also ditched her loose kaftan look for a body hugging black dress that showed off her killer curves.

Ayesha Omar

                                                    2006                                            2015


This is by far our favourite transformation! Ayesha Omar grew from a spunky little girl to a glamorous young woman right before our eyes.

Humayun Saeed

                                                       2005                                      2012


2005: Bad Makeup job, 2012: Good makeup job

Ali Zafar

                                                     2005                                       2015


The difference a white button down makes. A mature Ali Zafar is a better looking Ali Zafar for sure! Thank God he replaced the necklace with a black tie.

Areeba Habib

                                                       2012                                                  2015


A longer dress and a nose job later, Areeba Habib looks pretty good.

Fawad Khan

                                             2008                                                      2015


A hunk with or without the beard. Fawad, you’ll always be a heart throb!