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Magnum’s Chocolate Affair Was All About Power Dressing

And the best dressed are...

Magnum’s chocolate parties are elaborate. Extremely elaborate. Sometimes you find men (with highly sculpted bodies) in bathtubs full of melted chocolate. And at other times, female models act as center pieces. Highly inappropriate AND sexist? Absolutely! But Magnum’s chocolate parties are more about larger than life experiences than adhering to the conventionality of the masses. Sense and sensibility take a backseat and madness reigns supreme.

Consequently, a glamorous event of such magnanimous proportion requires attendees to turn up in their statement looks. Needless to say, the red carpet of Magnum Chocolate Affair is a welcome change from the typical white-sari-black-gown saga we see thrice every year. So what if Fauzia Imam resembled an overly baked lemon meringue pie (according to our Social Media Manager), she was game enough to saunter about in Hussain Rehar’s 3D sculpted dresses!

Without further ado, here are our top picks from the 2017 edition of the chocolate affair.

You’d rather die than sport a classic white sari to the Chocolate Affair. But if basic is what you choose to wear, then go for a plain black power suit like Grazia’s Style Editor, Mehek Saeed. She chooses to accessorize with a gold neck candy (we know that’s not a term) and we approve…highly.

A lemon yellow, slightly oversized power suit? Hell yes!  Eman Suleman always manages to strike a chord with us. This BNU grad is funny, intelligent, and we love her sense of style. And also, two thumbs up to Jeem for designing this beauty.

And she hangs out with equally stylish people. Hamza Bokkhari, in his jodhpur style pants and a baggy white shirt, was the only man who caught our attention. Congratulations, Hamza.

This is not a Mermaid skirt from the 90s! Mermaid skirts are slightly more fitted and the flare is a bit ill-defined. Bia Tareen is sporting a long peplum skirt. You’ll have to take our word for it. Her monochrome, chic ensemble is understated yet elegant. Just how we like it.

Alyzeh Gabol chose to wear a Hussain Rehar design: a corset style crop top paired with tapered pants and an oversized color-blocked silk jacket! Needless to say, she nailed the red carpet.

Here’s another monochrome look! We accept we’re mildly obsessed with blacks and whites, but look at that symmetrical striped skirt and the oversized black blazer! It’s simply gorg!

Disclaimer: This post was produced in partnership with Magnum.