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Mahira Khan Wins Two Awards At BIAF 2017

This woman is on a mission to rule all the Best Dressed Lists out there!

A celebrity who manages to mesmerize the audience in every single one of her performances. She tops the best dressed list for every award show. And she’s a self-proclaimed ‘Mean Ratings Machine’. Who is she? Mahira Khan!

Khan recently announced that she’ll be making an appearance at the Beirut International Awards Festival, but little did we know that she was one her way to receive two awards! She got the International Recognition award (how many of these is she going to get?) and the other for being the Best Dressed Female of the night. See, we told you, she tops EVERY best dressed list ever!

Khan couldn’t contain her gorgeous smile as she thanked her fans and praised the people of Beirut, “I’m glad I came. I can go back and say that you guys are the loveliest people I’ve ever met. We get a lot of awards at home, but when we get an award outside our home it feels like our country is getting an award!”

Do we hear a slight tremor in her voice there? Receiving so much love from all parts of the world does get a bit overwhelming. She also tried her hand at Arabic and we think her, “I love you [in Arabic]”, was adorable.

Moving on to her look for the night, Khan stunned in a Nicolas Jebran ivory gown festooned with applique flowers. She kept her accessories to bare minimum with Zoughaib & Co. diamond earrings and a sleek straight blow dry made her red carpet ready.

But guess what the celebrity wishes to wear to award ceremonies.

We get you Mahira! It can get tiring if you’re expected to look this gorgeous all the time, carry a heavy award, AND twirl (in that magnanimous gown) for the cameras!

As usual there were a few people who tried to ‘Sham’ Mahira for wearing a gown.

However, the Pseudo-Extremist asked what all of us have been dying to ask the people who haw-haye over the westernisation of our celebrities BUT aren’t brave enough to stay away from the glitz and glamour of the show business.

BIAF – Beirut International Awards Festival – recognises distinguished personalities, who have made a mark in their respective fields, across the globe.