Make Glossy Lips Matte

Without emptying your pockets


Tanya Muzaffar

Velvety matte lips are all rage on the runways right now; and while the heart tells us to run out and buy every shade of the matte rainbow, the brain spells out more practical uses for that disposable income – like paying bills.

So you can just imagine our untethered joy at discovering there is a hack to turn any satin shade into matte. And the best part is that it costs no more than a small tub of translucent powder!

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Generously apply the lipstick of your choice onto your lips (use a lip brush for precision application.)
  2. Take a sheet of white tissue paper and strip it to single ply.
  3. Press the tissue gently over the lips and hold in place.
  4. Take a fluffy eye shadow brush, dip it in the translucent powder and, in a dabbing motion, press it over the tissue blanket.The tissue will act like a filter so the lip doesn’t get over-powdered and you can control how much you mattify it.
  5. Gently peel away the tissue and bask in the amazement of your glorious, old or new lipstick.

Bonus: this technique actually ends up setting the color so the finish lasts longer.

Go forth and conquer the world!