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Mawra Hocane’s Sunnies Need Your Attention Now

We're drooling over her sunglasses

By Rozina Bhutto

What’s that perfect accessory which can lift your look from nay to yay in five seconds max? Sunnies! They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. From aviators, reflectors to wayfarers, there is something for everyone. Want to play it safe? Wear Ray Ban’s classic wayfarers. Want to make a statement? Go for Dior’s bridgeless sunnies. Wish to make your outfit pop? Opt for round shaped reflectors. It’s unfortunate that we usually don’t come across women who make a point to experiment with their sunglasses. They invest in one pair and wear it till death finally catches up with them – the sunnies we mean, not the lady.

So it is refreshing to spot a celebrity who knows how to utilise this accessory to its maximum potential. Ladies and gents, put your hands together for Mawra Hocane and her sunglasses, which come in every shape and size.

Read on and get inspired.

Imagine yourself looking out the car window and looking this chic? Isn’t it giving you goosebumps just thinking about your vogue moment? Just make sure you have someone riding alongside your car on a bike to take a picture as amazing as this.


For a casual day out, have a look at these squoval gold-rimmed sunglasses. They are a staple and look good on ANY face shape, trust us.

If you want to play it safe and still make a statement then go for sunglasses that have highly reflective and tinted lens.

For days when you’re feeling at your edgier best, opt for a cat-eye look. It is a bit risky to pull off this look, especially if you have a wide forehead, so choose wisely.

After cats, it is time for butterflies. Here’s another option if you’re a quirky person at heart.

Let’s introduce some sanity to the proceedings and appreciate how a basic pair like this one also has the ability to elevate your look. Peach lips, black tee and classic sunnies, Mawra’s look yells functional fashion.

Big, round sunglasses were quite a thing a year back and after scrolling through Mawra Hocane’s Instagram feed, we think they are all set to make a grand re-appearance.

This is probably our most favourite pair of sunnies owned by the fashionista. Just pop these on, dab on a lip balm, and wait for ladies to drool all over you. Be warned, some might even come up to you to know where you buy your sunnies from.

In the end, let’s salute our wayfarers. They’ve stood the test of time and for days when you’re least bothered about looking your best, they do the job on your behalf.


Next time we catch you wearing the same pair of sunnies for more than a week, we’re going to force you inot a seat and have a long meaningful talk.