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Meet The Most Followed Make up Artist in Pakistan

She has over a million followers on social media!!

By Mashaal Rana

What do you call a woman who’s a doctor, a successful makeup artist, AND has a clientele spread across two continents? A wonder woman? Not really, this wonderful woman has a name and it is Anam Falak. She is a successful make up artist with over 1.6 million people following her every move on social media. In the words of Anam herself, “There’s no end to learning and no end to improvement.”  We agree with you there.

Now that we know her mantra for success, let’s find out about her favourite make-up products, her most memorable moment as a MUA, and what a typical day in her life is like.

WO: How do you balance two entirely different worlds – medicine and make-up?

AF: I was 18 when I became a Make-up Artist purely by accident. I took up a short makeup course during my annual holiday. Although I wanted to be a doctor from a very young age, I realised make-up transports me to another world altogether where I am happy and it took away all my med-school stress.

WO: Did you study make-up artistry professionally?

AF: I went to Illamasqua and London School of Make-up.

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WO: What is a typical day in Anam Falak’s life like?

AF: I try to wake up early for some me-time: I chat to my parents on the phone, take some down-time and wrap it all up by 2pm at the latest. Then I take my bridal appointments and I do 6 bridal make-ups maximum. The rest are taken care of by my senior make-up artist.

WO: How does travelling back and forth between London and Karachi impact your professional and personal life?

AF: Before I got married, my husband knew that I was going to be travelling a lot. Travelling has become a part of my life. The good news is that now my clients trust my team for their make-up services when I’m travelling. 

WO: Share your most memorable moment as a MUA?

AF: There was this moment when a bride just couldn’t stop crying because she couldn’t believe I was doing her make-up. And it took me ages to put glue on her teary lashes.

WO: How is Fashion Week different from your regular work?

AF: For Fashion Week, all MUAs have to follow the chosen brand’s look for each designer. So for example, if the designer label we are working on, has chosen Benefit as their make-up brand of choice, we have to follow their guidelines on how to do the models’ make-up.

One thing though – we have to be super quick! Especially, in Asian Fashion Week, we have to be crazy fast.

WO: What’s your word of advice for someone who wants to pursue make-up artistry as a profession?

AF: Firstly, be confident and determined. People will put you down, but you must ignore them and follow your dream. Secondly, and very importantly, make your portfolio, out it up online and keep your prices low in the beginning.

WO: What is the one beauty tip you swear by? 

AF: Drink lots of water! I drink at least 4 bottles of 1.5 litres mineral water. Also, get ample sleep, and use a hydrating serum before bed. I use Charlotte Tilbury’s night-time magic cream and it’s a lifesaver.

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WO: What are the 3 make-up tools/products every MUA should have in their bag?

AF: So here goes;

  1. Concealer palette – because it can work magic as a foundation
  2. A small brow palette – the brow powder/cream can be used to contour
  3. A nice liquid lipstick – because it lasts longer and can also be applied as cheek tint.

WO: How does it feel to be the most popular Pakistani make-up artist on Instagram with over 600K followers? How did you get there? 

AF: TBH, I believe one reason is that I started my Instagram before anyone else.  And perhaps, people are more interested in knowing what I’m up to because I am based in three countries (Pakistan, England and The States).

Another reason could be that I am one of the youngest Pakistani MUAs around and I focus on people and their make-up. Maybe that’s why my followers can relate to me more. 

WO: Which celebrity would you like to work with? 

AF: Amy Jackson from Bollywood. She has a gorgeous bone structure and stunning features. 

WO: What’s Anam Falak’s signature look? How do we achieve it? 

AF: My signature look includes well-defined brows, glow-y skin, impactful eyes, and plump lips. I plump my lips more than normal, maybe with an ombre effect and my blush usually is similar to my lip colour.

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WO: What is the one make-up product/brand that you are a fan of? 

AF: There are many, but if I was to name just one it would be Laura Mercier – their foundations are AMAZING!