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Met Gala Looks From Best To The Worst

Here's everything you need to know about the sartorial choices of the best of the best

By Rabeeya Seemul Latif

The Met Gala took place and the internet is crashing under the amount of pictures being bombarded our way, but we don’t mind. Going through fancy pictures is just the kind of start we needed to our work day after the long weekend. But some of those pictures can be an eyesore so we bring to you the best, the so-so, and the worst of the Met Gala exactly in that order.

Read on!

The Best Dressed

Gigi Hadid

She wore an asymmetrical Tommy Hilfiger dress and won us over. The nude dress, daring silhouette, and monochrome makeup enabled her to stand apart from the crowd (celebrities). It seems she was channeling her inner Angelina Jolie as she strutted along the red carpet with one graceful leg out!

We just can’t stop staring at her perfectly winged eyeliner!

Gisele Bündchen

Bündchen was elegance personified in her Stella McCartney gown. She literally shined at the Met Gala (Pun intended).

Kendall Jenner

The La Perla outfit might be deemed a bit revealing for some people out there but this supermodel pulls it off flawlessly…as always. The whole sleek lob, red lips, cut out gown made it hard to get our eyes off her.

Candice Swanepoel

You will not believe who she is wearing. It’s a custom made  dress by none other than TOPSHOP! The Victoria Secret’s angel made us drool over her simple, strapless, black gown. Oh and by the way, did you know that she’s a new mom? Yup, that’s where the glow is coming from!

Blake Lively

Spotted: Serena Vanderwoodsen at the Met Gala wearing a Versace gown!

Oh, we meant Blake Lively, oops! This mother of two is our body goals. How do you have two kids and still manage to look this good, ALWAYS? We barely make it to work with brushed hair.

Selena Gomez

All hail the instagram queen in a gown by Coach. She could wear anything and still look absolutely perfect. This lace maxi had a lingerie touch to it but she pulled it off with sophistication and grace. The elegance of the dress comes from the subtle sequin embellishment. We bet the Weeknd can’t feel his face now.

Hailey Baldwin

Baldwin was very close to looking like that doll on your wedding cake. But the bandeau and the ruffles were the saving grace and the beautiful choker added the perfect amount of glam to her tiered gown by Carolina Herrera.

Rose Byrne

The Lady in Red arrived in a v-neck Ralph Lauren dress and looked a class apart.  Matching your lips to your dress is a bit dodgy but she did justice to the all-red look. Also, those side curls paired with sleek hair (midway down the head) was a pleasant surprise.

The So-sos

Then there were those who neither killed it at the Met Gala nor did they make us cringe. These guys decided to play it safe so we couldn’t decide if we love them for their classic looks or hate them for being so boring. Help us decide, please.

Adrianna Lima

One look at Adrianna Lima and we thought, “She looks nice but a black gown, seriously?” Then we stared at her for a couple more seconds (and some more), finally concluding that she actually looks stunning in the Alberta Ferretti gown. We just wish she’d experimented with the silhouette.

Bella Hadid

Bella, here, went for a cat suit and while we acknowledge her bravery, we can’t appreciate her steamy rocker style. Sorry Alexander Wang, but the suit is not flattering (especially when she turns her back to us).

Chrissy Teigen

We loved the way Marchesa combined sheer fabric with lace, but the use of feathers is making us sneeze even from the other side of the screen. However, her face and slicked back hair looked flawless.

Cara Delevingne

Power suit, Chanel, shimmer, and cinched waist is a total winner but we’re not convinced enough to sneak her into the best dressed list; Are you?

Kate Hudson

All-white ensembles always impress us and this off-shoulder gown by Stella McCartney did too, but there are two things that make this ensemble a bit meh:

  1. Hudson’s hair
  2. And the done to death silhouette.

Deepika Padukone

This was Deepika’s debut at the Met Gala and she let the opportunity slip away. Unfortunate, but true. She could’ve nailed it with one of her gazillion smouldering ensembles, but this Tommy Hilfiger dress does nothing for her. The hair ornaments and barely there makeup saved her from prancing into our worst dressed list though.

Worst Dressed


Plucking out the petals off Rihanna’s dress like, “We love the outfit, we love the outfit not.”


Bad Girl Riri took her nickname literally and looked really bad at the Met Gala deciding to arrive in an outfit from Comme des Garçons.. We can’t stop staring (not in a good way). Please make it stop, our eyes are burning by looking at all those scraps. Oh, and maybe she should try loosening up her shoes.

Katy Perry

*Caution viewers digression advised*

She wore a custom Maison Margiela gown by John Galliano. The only thing that comes to our mind after seeing her dress and pained expression is, “We feel ya Katy”, because we’re silently screaming at that dress too. Maybe this dress should have been the”one that got away.

Kim Kardashian-West

Kim K is that you? We almost didn’t recognize you. Did you just wake up and come in your pajamas? Those are some stylish pajamas, we must say. But EARTH TO KIM, THIS IS A MET GALA NOT A SLUMBER PARTY.

The question arises: Where is the on-point, glamorous, big butt Kim we’ve known? Vivienne Westwood design definitely does not seem to be the right fit for this reality star.


Hey Madonna, do you want to be seen or not? Actually we rather not see you in that Moschino camouflaged dress of your’s.

Solange Knowles

This celebrity seems to be a victim to that moment when you step out to take out the trash and suddenly realize you have to go to the Met Gala; so you decided to wear the garbage bag. Solange definitely nailed that moment. On the upside, for all you non-swimmers your next outfit is sorted.

Priyanka Chopra

Chopra would be a perfect fit for a meme that states: When the weather forecast tells you it’s supposed to rain and you over prepare. We wouldn’t wear this Ralph Lauren trench coat disaster (dress) even if it was raining cats and dogs.

Hey at least her hair might stay in place or does she need an umbrella for that too?

Kerry Washington

The only Scandal here is this Michael Kors dress on Kerry. It seems she had leftover foil and didn’t know what to do with it so she decided to glue it to her dress! Kerry, please just help us understand this patchwork because our comprehension skills are letting us down big time.

At least we know which hashtag to use for her picture: #Nofoilleftbehind.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s Versace dress is the definition of being indecisive.  From sheer fabric to embellishments to fringes to shimmer, the dress resembled a moodboard rather than an actual dress. We had no idea what to look at. I guess having everything may not always be the best decision.

Helen Lasichanh 

Here’s what we think would happen if Pharell William met Helen at the Met Gala?

Pharell William’s singing to Helen,”Clap along if you feel happiness is the truth.”

Helen: Oh Shit, the dress has captured my hands.

Why would anyone decide to imprison themselves in their own dress is beyond our imagination!