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#MeToo Becomes The Second Most Popular Trend On Twitter

And that's saying something

“Me Too”, a seemingly harmless sounding word has been tweeted over a million times in the past 24 hours, unmasking a horrible reality of the world we live in. The frequency with which the term is appearing on our social media reveals that there are more women, who were sexually assaulted or harassed, out there than we could ever imagine. And yet we see no one  being prosecuted or even held accountable.

If there are a huge number of victims then there must be perpetrators as well. Will the man who groped Indian comedian, Mallika Dua, on the backseat of her car while her mother was driving completely unaware, ever be held accountable for what he did?

The social media movement started with actress Alyssa Milano’s tweet.

The tweet was in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The Hollywood producer has been accused of sexual harassment by over 50 actresses including Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet.

What followed the tweet was thoroughly disturbing. It made us realise the magnitude of the problem. We saw our neighbours, best friends, top actresses, corporate queens, and the likes type out “Me Too”, letting the world know that they are victims. The best friend never had the heart to tell us about the horror she had faced, but here she was, letting the world know – hoping to contribute to change.

And so were many others – some famous and many others not.

The sad truth:

This person has the sanest advice.

But it can happen to anyone – male or female – by anyone – a close relation or a complete stranger.

Even to this gentleman here.