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Millennial trends for fashion scaredy cats

Anyone can wear a crop top. No, really



Zehra Hasan

Dressing safe is so easy in Pakistan. Go to Khadi + Pick up Kurta = Wear.  It’s mathematical. Trends come and go like clockwork telling us all what the length of our kameez and the width of our paincha is supposed to be. My closet is filled with classy kurtis in exciting shades of ecru, ivory, eggshell, beige and rose gold. If I want to be really bold I may pull out my chevron bell bottoms.

However, international trends are another story entirely. Western outfits needs to be assembled with careful thought and consideration. Does this peplum top go with those blue jeans? Yes, sometimes, maybe. Should you add a scarf? No, okay, I don’t know.

Fear not, fellow fraidy cats, here are the easiest trends to try if you are resistant to change.


You know your blow-dry. You have been getting the same one ever since you discovered the magic of the perfect conditioner in college and you haven’t had a bad hair day since. If your bangs flick out just so in every single Facebook profile picture it may be time for a new look. Dump the poker straight locks for big wavy tresses. The key to this look is to pump up the volume. Curl your hair loosely for some distressed waves, spritz in some texturizing sea salt spray and run some mousse through your ends for a full relaxed look that is on point.


Anyone can wear a crop top. No, really. These adorable tops have got a bad rep for being size two only but they are flattering on almost all body types because they make your legs look longer. Mum-tums can be strategically hidden in high-rise jeans, flabby arms can be covered up in some loose sleeves. The crop top is the t-shirt of the 2000s and is the easiest wardrobe upgrade you’ll ever make.


Think of this as a necklace for your hair. The West appropriated the matha patti and churned out a delicate artificial gold chain that you can wear to the beach. The gypsy head piece trend has been going strong for the past two years and we don’t see any signs of this one dying down. Wear the casual maatha patti to pretty up your usual boho look.


Who knew that sweatshirts could be so du jour. Bless you Gigi Hadid who made this trend happened because suddenly comfy oversized sweaters are the hottest thing a girl could wear.


If your go-to morning hairstyle is a messy bun or top knot then maybe it’s time to break the mold and try an adventurous double bun or as I like to call it the Princess Leia. The quick and easy hairstyle looks runway ready in one minute flat. Worried about the style being too out there? Position the buns under your ears for a more low-key look.