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Mischief’s retro kurtis are young and playful

Kurti's that are fun!

Yasmeen Jiwa’s latest collection  is a line designed for the stylish on the go woman. In a country where winter rarely comes and summer is there all year round, we designed a line that one can wear throughout the year. Instead of using typical lawn fabrics they have worked with top of the line textured flowy cottons that keep you relaxed throughout the day.

Bright colors and bold prints make Mischief kurtis a fun youthful alternative to the more typical pret at the mall.


1. The Games of Mischief: Turning back the clock to when things were all about late nights and laughing till you stomach started to hurt – this pattern is smattered with tash and a a game of Ludo.


2. Graffitistan: In a city where we face so much turmoil and see lack of respect for public property- this kurti is a playful nod to artists and cultures who want to fill our city with beauty and art instead of vandalism.


3. Retro Dot Another nostalgia-inspired design this kurti takes you back to the good old days when we only had PTV, and would sit outside with friends with a bottle of Pakola! A kurti that will be loved by all 90’s kids.


4. The corner cafe: The kurti for all the ladies who love a particular cafe and find their sanctuary in a common place. The leopard finishing adds a sophisticated touch making it a great choice for your next day event.

sehr-front5. Coffeeology: Coffee lovers this is the kurti for you. When a deadline is around the corner and the pressure is just about to kick in we take out that time just for our morning brew.